Biden Fires Architect of the Capitol Amid Unethical-Behavior Allegations

This termination was pretty much a no brainer at this point. J. Brett Blanton has earned the condemnation of both parties during his period as Architect of the Capitol. Misappropriation of government vehicles for private use, impersonating a police officer, as well as a lack of transparency with Congressional investigations.

His previous career seemed to be without issue. Unfortunately, some people cannot handle great power and responsibility. They simply need a BOSS to keep them in line. When he became the boss, he just went drunk with power.

The classic case of being promoted to the level of his incompetence. :smile:

I would say no foul on Trump for nominating/appointing him and the Senate for confirming him. No previous misconduct in his career or anything to indicate he would behave in that manner and his Navy career appears to have been spotless.

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Pretty much agree on all points.

This clown needs to be gone, and getting rid of him was the least of the repercussions he should face. Many of those are crimes.

Was just reading about him. Curious how he was a no show on Jan 6.

Good on Brandon for popping his career balloon :balloon:.

Kevin McCarthy was on top of this.

Kevin McCarthy Demands Joe Biden Fire the Capitol Building’s Top Manager Kevin McCarthy Demands Biden Fire the Capitol Building’s Top Manager