Biden Confronts China Again

This new policy follows Biden’s previous limits on high tech exports to China, as well as the CHIPS act and portions of the Infrastructure bill specifically housed on making America less dependent on Chinese tech. He has also maintained a portion of the Trump initiated tariffs that have been judge to be effective.

Collectively, this is a much strong stand against China than any prior President – Democrat or Republican.

I frequently read here how Biden is doing Beijing’s bidding. What is the basis for that, given the increasingly tough stances Biden has been taking throughout his Presidency? The policies and their impact are clear.

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Biden has no choice in the matter…he’s doing just enough to make a showing that he’s actually doing something.


It’s a pretty fun way to go through politics

Republican President - these actions are what we need
Democrat President - in spite of, just enough, bare minimum, total failure :slight_smile:


The Chinese reaction to Biden clearly shows they are distressed by his actions… look at what happened on the Blinken visit.

The evidence is strong here. And look at results; Biden has kept China from supplying arms to Russia for the Ukraine invasion, largely due to US financial threats.

What actions has Biden taken that deferred to Chinese global aims?

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Personally…I don’t think either one has done enough. Bu at least Trump got the ball rolling.

And yes I praised Biden on chip ban.


For starters drove Russia into arms of China. Secondly not done enough to secure American energy resources etc.

Want to continue?


Biden isolated Russia to rally and expand NATO and protect the wishes of the Ukrainians to build a free market economy rather than being occupied by Russia again.

What does Russia bring to China that China wants? The only thing the Russians have to sell is energy – which China does not want from them. Russia is an ailing dependent whom the Chinese refuse to rearm because the Chinese are more concerned about the US and their other markets than taking care of Russian

I cannot see any connection between Biden’s energy policy and China. Elucidate please.

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Wait what? The Chinese buy their oil from Russia in part. They have a pipeline from Russia to China…

Still don’t see it do you?

As for what Russia can give to China…are you serious?

As for depending on China solar panels…how many billions of dollars is flowing into China ATM? That was a gift straight into hands of CCP.

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The Chinese are taking advantage of the fire sale on Russian oil right now. But the question was did Biden drive Russian into China’s arms – and the notion that Biden’s support for Ukraine was an effort serve Chinese global aims remains ludicrous.

Yes of course it’s ridiculous and yes he did drive them into chineee arms but that’s how geopolitics be.

There’s a serious effort to restore that industry in Biden policy. It should be larger but he cannot get that through Congress.

But the important thing is let the Chinese manufacture high volume/low profit margin items while we keep the high margin tech stuff out of their hands.

So the Chinese get some things.

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I’m not at all bullish on China right now, which doesn’t mean the US benefits in a zero-sum sense.

In addition to longer-term problems, China’s recovery’s pretty iffy.

Mixed news:

I don’t have a problem with that…but if China making solar panels using coal as energy source then it’s not really clean energy now is it?

Now my guess manufacturing those penal is mostly robotics.


China is facing a population crisis. They’re aging out too fast to remain productive.


They’re going to be replaced by India, Indonesia, and Vietnam, all of whom have growth potential similar to China but also have a much younger population.


We forgot about the spy balloon already?

How about all the other spies?

Don’t even try and paint Brandon as anything other than a China puppet.


Sounds like Congress cutting spending by reducing the entrenched cost escalators a tiny percent.

This works out to a slight pause in new projects while the economy sucks…something they would be doing anyway.

Let’s Go Brandon!


Too late. The Kiwi has been licked clean. :rofl:

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The pint of this thread is that when one does what we are admonished not to try, there’s a lot of evidence that Biden is not pro-China. The only reason to tell people not to try is to prevent them from seeing the full picture