Biden ate it... Yuck!

Seems they got a staffer to wipe one end of Joe, but they need another one for wiping the other end. I think he’s eating something from his nose. Yuck!

These are even better than the tan suit and Grey Poupon!

Keep the Biden Derangement Syndrome stories coming!

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Your man has shown some seriously disturbing tendencies. He’s a sick as they come. And after watching that, so am I.

It’s not like the media is freaking out because he had two scoops of ice cream They are ignoring a president who probably ate a bogger on camera!!! Doesn’t even know where he is…

he is in twilight. so obvious

Freaking gross old perv regardless.

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Boogers are usually bright orange?

What do you think he ate?

Does it matter? Is this important to you?

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Something from the lunch he had before the event.

That the president of the US eats gross stuff off his face on camera? Yes! That’s not right!

Good thing Cruz isn’t President!

Note that we didn’t freak out about like you guys. It’s humorous, nothing more.

Perhaps the press should cover it and find out which staffer failed to wipe Joe’s face. It can’t be the same staffer that wipes the other end. That could cause contamination.

This is really stupid, have fun.

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Having something drop out of your nose is not letting it sit there and eating it on camera…

Did you watch the Cruz video? It sat on his lip for quite a while and then entered his mouth and never reappeared.

No big deal except to the booger obsessed.

Did some one send him a card telling him there was something on his face, and then he ate in on camera anyway?

Yes. It is. It proves (as if you needed more proof) That your president is a psycho.

And gross. Don’t forget gross.

Carry on then.