Biden administration proposes strictest lead pipe rules in more than three decades

The proposal, called the lead and copper rule improvements, would for the first time require utilities to replace lead pipes even if their lead levels aren’t too high. Most cities have not been forced to replace their lead pipes and many don’t even know where they are. Some cities with a lot of lead pipes might be given longer deadlines, the agency said.

In addition, the EPA announced it wants to lower the level of lead at which utilities are forced to take action. And federal officials are pushing cities to do a better job informing the public when elevated lead levels are found.

Another change involves how lead is measured. Utilities would need to collect more samples and this alone could have significant consequences – when Michigan did something similar, the number of communities flagged for having high lead levels skyrocketed.

The EPA is smart to package this with more stringent testing requirements. I suspect the larger volume of sample data will justify pipe replacement very quickly.

i was just thinking how water bills are way too low


This is TYRANNY!

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As long as the EPA requirements are prioritized afterwards that’s fine. Doesn’t matter if private utility, an elected mayor, or a governor-appointed emergency manager replaces the pipes.

I can scarcely think of higher priorities in local budgets.

Most U.S. cities would have to replace lead water pipes within 10 years under strict new rules proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency

The EPA enacted the first comprehensive lead in drinking water regulations in 1991.

I think it’s important to ask the cities that find this burdensome exactly what they were doing for the 32 years since 1991, and why a decade isn’t enough extra time to deal with this.

That’s almost a half a century in total. That’s being way too comfortable neglecting critical infrastructure.


Do you have any idea what it’s going to cost to replace the piping in a NYC or LA?

From the op link:

and the agency said tighter standards would improve IQ scores in children

That is complete hogwash.


Needs to be done anyway. How many years were they going to leave the old pipes otherwise? If NYC or LA has more important things to do, they can explain their priorities during the commenting period.

Unlike the boot-licking retards who need (D)addy to do everything for them, those of you with a brain in your head and a concern for clean water will install a whole house filter/filtration system on your main water line.



Until they have to be replaced.

Other things to do? Are you kidding?

I disagree. Lots of pipes are already past-due. Locals are subsidizing them with lower quality lives.

I’m not kidding.

What city can’t make time in a decade to replace lead pipes? It’s not even a hard deadline.

Some cities with a lot of lead pipes might be given longer deadlines, the agency said.

Who’s going to pay for it?

Where are water lines?

You have people with no food or shelter.


If it’s a problem, then why the longer deadline?

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Not everyone lives in a single family home, and not everyone has the funds to install a filter system.

Lead pipes must go.

It will ultimately be up to utilities to decide whether to pay the full cost of replacing lead pipes, which is too expensive for many people to afford.

We strongly, strongly encourage water utilities to pay for it," Fox said.

The 2021 infrastructure law included $15 billion to find and replace lead pipes. More will be needed. Additional federal funds are available to improve water infrastructure and the EPA is providing smaller communities with extra help.

More is needed.

Help them too.

No point in a making a regulation too severe to follow. The goal is to get the pipes replaced–no reason to punish efforts in good faith.

should we trust the science?
Or should we throw it away and follow our political belief like a religion?

The reason I ask is because the science says
passing a very large volume of water though a few hundred meters of lead pipe does absolutely zero to endanger anyone’s health.

OTOH if we reject science and declare “lead is all scary” and “corporations are evil” then we might be inclined to support anything that sounds like environmentalism.

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We aren’t truly free until we can poison the masses with lead pipes.