Biden administration hails a bold initiative to cut global warming emissions

It also heats about ten percent of our homes. In the north and northeast it can be between 25 and 80% depending on the specific area.

LyondellBasell Industries announced in April it will shut down its refinery in Houston by the end of 2023 and leave the refining business altogether as part of a decarbonization strategy. The chemical company made the decision after unsuccessfully trying to sell the refinery, which will now become the latest in a rash of American refineries that have shut their doors over the last two years.

Fox Business article author should use an example that was shut down by Biden’s policies, rather than a corporate pivot. Trying to link the tv segment where Flynn said the qouted, to an unrelated refinery closure is bad journalism.

If there’s diesel in there, it shouldn’t be sent overseas. It’s fair to ding Biden for that, if he has the power to hold diesel back or anything Americans can use, but does not when releasing from the SPR.

Diesel inventories were one of the concerns when the Biden admin asked exporters reconsider their priortites. They said no. I will criticize Biden for being too timid. He should have forced them to.

The Biden Administration is looking at declaring a “climate emergency” to limit new drilling.

While they are claiming that want to increase US production the short term, they do not want long-term projects.

How long does it take to get approval and build new oil-refinery capacity? The last new refinery was built in 1977 until a small one recently opened in North Dakota after years of court challenges.


Your article is from 2020.
Who was president in 2020?

Yes, Trump was the first president since Carter to allow a new oil refinery to be constructed.

The point is that it could take a decade to get a new refinery into production in the US, and Biden is doing everything he can to prevent these long-term investments in fossil fuels.


Well, when he wanted Saudi oil execs to pump more oil
he went there on friendly terms
he fist-bumped them and treated them nicely,
and offered them machine guns and patriot missiles.

Maybe he should try that with Texas oil execs,
or at the bare minimum he could approve their pipelines, and their new rigs and thie oil refineries.

I have read that refineries are operating at near capacity. If that is true, more drilling would eventually hit a bottle neck. If even one of those refineries goes out there could be a serious shortage and long lines.

Biden is rebuilding our foreign relationships. Why only about a week ago Macron talked about Biden’s Armageddon comments. Biden is getting noticed.

That matches what I have heard.
Pipelines keep getting outlawed.
New refineries keep getting outlawed.

You can have the vast water well you want in your yard
if ya got a 1/2" pipe to your filter
and our filter is only good for 5 gallons a day
you don’t have much water.

Apparently we are back to the 1920s, or like some backwater 3rd world country,
sometimes the tiny amount of refineries we have cannot produce enough gas, sometimes not enough diesel, sometimes not enough heating oil.

Columbus thought he came to India. I guess he was right afterall.

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Entitlement mindset??

Protesters declare hunger strike and glue themselves to a Porsche showroom floor,
then get upset when showroom owners won’t provide them with pee bowls and allow them to order in food.

These people masquerade as scientists?


America Last™




I wonder where they learned that attitude?


Looks like those protesters didn’t put much thought into this. :wink:

“I am protesting you.
You are required to bring me a pee bowl and empty it on command.”

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Also from the article

But it currently takes a decade or longer to obtain a U.S. mining permit,

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He was definitely the right person to quote, I just had no idea how right.

Through public statements and private communications, Pioneer founder and former CEO Scott D. Sheffield has campaigned to organize anticompetitive coordinated output reductions between and among U.S. crude oil producers, and others, including the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (“OPEC”), and a related cartel of other oil-producing countries known as OPEC+. Mr. Sheffield’s communications were designed to pad Pioneer’s bottom line—as well as those of oil companies in OPEC and OPEC+ member states—at the expense of U.S. households and business.

The FTC is alleging that Mr.Sheffield was deeply involved in an anticompetitive scheme to depress output and make energy prices artificially high. Annoyingly, a lot of the complaint is redacted.

That is not surpring news, but it’s still interesting, and definitely worth a larger investigation. I wonder how much of the post-pandemic energy crunch was due to purposeful scheming.



I thought reducing oil and gas production was a key objective of Biden-supported ESG programs.

Did the administration do a 180?

Biden vetoed a bill to restrict ESG last year.