Bible Literalists - Continental Drift?

A question for Bible literalists out there…

Do you believe that the earth was formed with the geographical land masses situated the way they are today?

Or do you believe that they started as one gigantic continent that broke apart thanks to continental drift (the old name for plate tectonics) and are actually continuing to move such that in several million years they’ll all be one large continent again?

Personally…I don’t ever wonder about it. It’s not important to me…or to most anyone else concerning their daily living? My goal each day is to give my best efforts and I truly believe in that. When the time comes, I can ask The Lord that question.

Just by looking at the land masses, it appears they broke apart from each other.

If it didn’t start as a single large continent then it would have been impossible for Noah to collect all the animals on earth to put in his ark.

That’s why I asked it of Bible literalist.

I take it you’re not a literalist, Smyrna? You believe the earth is 4 billion years old and man evolved more than a hundred thousand years ago?

I think the Bible is vague enough on the subject that a number of theories could be correct.

Right now I am leaning toward the biosphere as mention in verse 1 of Genesis is billions of years old. At verse 3, God starts moving things around and creating to get the word ready for man. The implication of Genesis 1:9 would be that with the waters gathered as one sea, the land mass would be one giant mass. There is never any specific mention of when things got moved around to their current state. It could have happened during the flood, when underground waters burst from the ground. There also could have been a post Noahic Pangea.

The long and short of it is I wasn’t there to know for sure, and the Bible is vague enough about it that no one can say definitively what happened, just what they think.

There’s an interesting bit of scripture in the genealogies given in Genesis. In Genesis 10:25, it mentions the sons of Eber. It mentions his son Peleg, and then adds that “for in his days was the earth divided.”

This, to me, seems out of place. The Bible says that God scattered the people when Babel was built, is it possible he also scattered the continents too at that time? I don’t know off hand. I have done the genealogies in Genesis, but not specifically enough to determine if Peleg was alive during the time of Babel. It wouldn’t surprise me to find out he was.

Anyone have any ideas what else that bit of scripture might refer too?

Don’t know but that’s interesting.

I believe in the Genesis account of the earth.

I also believe that there’s more evidence of the Bible’s account than of the big bang.