Better not impeach Trump or the economy will tank

According to Donald, we will all be “very poor” if he’s impeached. Is anyone really buying this scare tactic?

he also gives himself an a+ for the job hes done

Before Trump was like America in 1932. After Trump, America in 1946.

Logical takeaway is that if the economy does crash(recession) we should impeach him?

The strong economy is the only thing saving him.

I heard that quote on the radio while driving. I actually had to pull over into a parking lot because I was laughing so hard.

Everyone would be very poor.

If you impeach me, your family will die of starvation.

They’ve got nothing left. This is desperation talking.

That quote is reeking with soul-buckling fear.

They will also apparently revolt against the republican controlled government and replace it with… more republicans?

So far, we have:

  • Flipping shouldn’t be illegal
  • Trump boot lickers will revolt
  • Impeachment will lead to the economy tanking
  • I’ve done a great job, so why impeach?!
  • Manafort is a good guy, pardon him anyway
  • HILLARY!!!
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I give Trump an A+ in suspicious behavior.

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