BETO’S BOMBSHELL: O’Rourke Questions Whether the CONSTITUTION Can Still ‘Manage’ USA | Sean Hannity

Texas Representative Beto O’Rourke bizarrely questioned the founding principles of the nation this week; asking if a document drafted “230 years ago” could effectively “manage” the United States of America.

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It has worked this long and will keep on working. The only party that has changed is the democrats. Everyone of them needs a reality check. They are suppose to be working together and working for us, not against us. They are all showing us that they do not care for the American people. There should be consequence’s for what that Mich congress person had said. Also for that cortes woman I wonder if her mother ever got her USA citizenship.

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Yet they never want to explain how their vague leftist “utopia” will operate…

They never produce their own constitution for comparison to the real one.

Can you imagine the chaos and vitriol that would ensue if they did?

They would ignite a civil war.

The constitution is America’s one and only social comcompact.

I know which side I will fight on if they’d decide to break it.

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Our Forefathers drafted a Constitution which has withstood the test of time …and worked very successfully for law abiding citizens.
Socialists like Bozo O’Dork and Occasional Cortez want it changed to fit their myopic view of “Everything For Everyone, FREE” without any idea or regard for how it will be subsidized.
Bozo, go back to your punk rock band and get the hell out of Politics and The U.S. for you and your ideas have a firm grip on fantasy and would lead to ruination of this Great Country!!! in fact, I’m sure Putin would welcome you overseas!!
Occasional Cortez, go back to school and get an education because the crap that comes out of your mouth is as ignorant as the crap that comes out of Muddy Waters’ mouth!!!
Dumb and Dumber rule the Socialist Party!!!


The only people our Constitution does not serve are the Democratic/ Socialists… To this I say “Too Bad” . We do not have to become what they want us to. We are who we are… a free people. Our forefathers did not die in battle so that the Socialists could survive. We are a free people struggling to keep our freedom and not become suppressed by Socialists. See this to understand what is really happening to our country… Facebook

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O’Rourke was caught using campaign funds to buy food, clothes/blankets and even vans (vehicles) for the immigrants in the caravan which BTW is illegal - and he should be prosecuted. It is obvious he doesn’t give a rats ass about the American citizen and his actions IMHO are anti-American.

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Beto has never read it. Instead like most lying liberal frauds and he is definitely a fraud…he tries to stay in the news by saying or doing outlandish things like flapping his uneducated mouth…I would challenge this fraud by asking this question…what portion does not work? Specifically? And if his answer is about the Electoral College then you know for sure he’s just another grandstanding clown all about political BS.

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Dear Beto. If we can keep our country from being overrun by illegals (which is illegal and unconstitutional) the constitution should be able handle it all. So maybe you can work to help keep our borders secure?

O’Rourke, you are an idiot. The constitution was created with men who were inspired by God for direction in it’s creation. I think we will stick with it you ignorant politician . Oh yea and that was when MEN who led us were also sacrificing more every day in one minute than you have or likely ever will sacrifice in your entire miserable life. I know it is probably difficult to grasp what a man is so I can only say please read about when , how , why and who created the constitution and then maybe, just maybe, you will have a clue.

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The principles stated in our Constitution have not changed and are still as true and valid today as they were 230+ years ago. What has changed is the basic morality of those that call themselves Democrats. There is a reason why our founders established our country as a REPUBLIC and rejected the classic model of Democracy. They knew from history that classic ,Athenian, democracy always degenerates into mob-rule and anarchy. Even in our own history, all you have to look at are the early examples of the Puritans and the Salem witch trials to see democracy in action.

Oh, and Beto, this is not England. We don’t have an Empire and never have had one.

And this is what is going to run for President? What happened to support and defend the Constitution from all enemies both domestic and foreign. He sounds like one of the domestic enemies of the Constitution along with many others in the Democratic Party. Why are they not being chastised for their un-American comments?