Beto O'Rourke drops out of presidential race

Good riddance to bad rubbish.


he was running for president?


Running for county line i suspect.

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Who cares? Donald Trump is going to win in 2020. It doesn’t matter who his opponent is.

Hilarious to hear cons disparage clearly viable candidates and then go on to support Trump.

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a lot can happen between then and now

it may come out that he was a big time russian agent leveraging “quos” with governments all around the world.

lets just wait and see

In my opinion, the entire Democrat Party is an Russian agent. It’s hilarious that they try to paint Trump as working for the Russians when we know the Democrats love Communism. They say they hate Russia, but they really want to abolish Capitalism in the United States. As long as Trump is President that will never happen. Thank God.

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I think anybody over 50 has enough intuition to know this to be true

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Hw was running against a very unpopular senator in Cruz. He blew an 8 point lead with his “follow your dreams” bull ■■■■■ He’s a loser.


Biden may be the next to go. He’s running fourth in the Iowa polls.
Booker, Harris and Klobucher will be bailing out soon.

You’ll be left with a queer, a fake Indian and Elmer Fudd. Take your choice.


wait. buttigieg is gay?

Trump voter.

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Some of the comments are pretty childish.

Oh no. He’s a special level.


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Biden is finished.

It seemed Beto was more popular with certain donors than the populace. To be fair it’s next to impossible to go from house (congressman) to president without doing Senator first. I think it’s happened just a few times before or maybe just once.

Isn’t he Hispanic?


He spent multiples more than had ever been spent on a Texas senate race and lost.

Trump spent very little in 16 but unlike Beto won.

Trump didn’t sew the division the Democrats took care of that without any help from Trump.