Bernie vs Biden, Primary Votes Don't Virally Equate?

During the primary voting between B&B, Biden allegedly swamped Bernie.

BUT Bernie’s supporters are much younger than Biden’s 50-70+ yr old supporters, who cautiously would not turn out in vast numbers bec of contagious COVID19 fears.

However, Bernie’s younger supporters, which the stats at the time maintained were less susceptible to the same harmfully swift effects as the elderly, were more inclined not to be held back from being in public areas.
The numbers just don’t mesh.

The demoncrats, in 2016, isolated The Cheater as their sole selection, fearful of Bernie’s growing advancement and acknowledgement as a better candidate. Have they done him in again?
(I would never support any of these candidates.)

Huh? The Democratic primary race was essentially determined before the Covid lockdowns started. Sanders closed his campaign at the beginning of April.

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No, they did not

The highest youth vote turnout in a presidential election in American history was 1988 lol.

No, they did not. Bernie lost.

The lockdowns began on March 19th, 2 days after Sanders started reassessing his campaign.