BERNIE UNLOADS: Sanders Says He has ‘Fundamental Differences’ with Hillary, Won’t Seek Her Advice | Sean Hannity

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders flat-out refused to accept campaign advice from his former Democratic rival Hillary Clinton Friday; saying he has “fundamental differences” with the twice-failed presidential nominee.

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He doesn’t have to seek her out for advice. She will be more than willing to give it anytime, anywhere.

It’s pretty funny that this guy had nothing to say to Hillary Clinton, when he was running against her in the 2016 campaign- he never challenged her at all- when they were debating, he stood right on that stage, and never took it to her- I think he lost a lot of support that night- I even questioned what was wrong with him- I said why is he backing down?- now he is so tough?- cm’on- even when the campaign was over, and he found out he was cheated in the election, he never got legitimately angry- he is a phony to me

When his puppet masters, the Democrats told him to bow out of the election, he did just that- but he is so tough now- gimme a break