BERNIE’S PLAN B: Once His Undoing, Sanders Now Courting DNC Superdelegates

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Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is reportedly reaching out to Democratic superdelegates heading into a brutal primary battle against former Vice President Joe Biden; “shoring up” support from DNC insiders months before voters head to the polls.

“Now, as Sanders mounts a second bid for the Democratic presidential nomination, his campaign has something it did not have a few years ago, when his insurgent campaign unexpectedly caught fire: Allies in the very heart of the Democratic Party who could make a difference should the nomination go to a second ballot,” reports The Hill.

“In 2016, Sanders and his supporters railed against the influence of superdelegates within the DNC, those who had a vote at the national convention by virtue of their positions within the party, rather than because of the will of any voter,” adds the author.

Hillary Clinton won approximately 90% of the DNC superdelegates during her 2016 primary battle against Sanders.

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