BERNIE’S BILLIONS: Sen. Sanders Calls for 77% ESTATE Tax on Wealthy Americans | Sean Hannity

Sen. Bernie Sanders called for a whopping 77% estate tax on billionaires across the country this week; saying America will never “thrive” when “so few have so much and so many have so little.”

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Wait. What? How will this work when all of the billionaires are liberal? Will this help drive them to the Republican party?
If 40% of Americans cannot afford the basics, it’s due to the excessive government policies, regulations, tax burdens and size.
Those 40% cannot afford to buy reusable bags.
Those 40% cannot afford to support the ILLEGALS in this country.
Those 40% cannot afford the penalties the liberal parties continually force on everyone.
It’s always the poor who end up paying the most and yet are always promised free stuff.
Why can’t they see this?

Bernie is one of those people who would rather give a person a fish dinner than teach him to fish because that way he can keep that person dependent on Bernie’s largess.