Being a fundamentalist Christian in 2020

In 2014 Live Science conducted a survey which showed that 4 in 10 Americans believed that the Earth was created only 10,000 years ago, and as a corollary, it must follow that they believe dinosaurs coexisted with man and that Noah had a couple of dinosaur eggs on the Ark, apparently.

I wasn’t able to find a source later than this, but still 4 out of 10 Americans rejecting science for Biblical stories is rather…interesting.

As Sherlock Holmes once famously said, whether the earth revolved around the sun or vice versa would make no difference to him and his work.

And the same probably holds true for most people.

But for scientists who have to research the cosmos, track meteors, etc, earth scientists who must track continental drift and volcanology…in short people to whom the age of the earth is important, well…the age of the earth is important.

Would any fundamentalists here care to share how their lives are impacted by their beliefs here in 2020?

Anyone with paleontologists or cosmologists in the family who still hold on to their fundamentalist beliefs?

I don’t want this to be an attack thread or even a discussion thread, necessarily,except in so far as the questions would be how your beliefs impact your lives or the lives of those around you.

For example, are you campaigning for creationism to be taught in schools, or do you tell your kids to just ignore that section of the curriculum?

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My wife and I went to the creation museum and then the ark encounter in 2017. They answered with plausible science many of the questions of biblical accounts that non Christians have been asking for decades. I don’t know where you live, but they are well worth the visit, for Christians and non Christians alike.

These issues don’t affect my day to day life. I seldom discuss them in the course of my day, certainly not at work when I’m supposed to be working. While I do believe any of God’s truths that Satan can diminish or replace with an outright lie does great harm to the cause of Christ, they are not salvation issues. The Bible was not written to be a science book but a book about God’s relationship and plan regarding people.

Yes, dinosaurs existed with man and No, Noah didn’t take dinosaur eggs but real creatures. The ark encounter was fascinating in it’s construction and the way Noah dealt with the challenges a floating zoo would have had to deal with. Everything was shown, how the issue if airflow, waste removal and feeding was possible and done by 10 people. It was ingenious.

I recommend Christian parents either home school or send their kids to a Christian school. They aren’t going to win the battles to have their beliefs accommodated in public school. Suck it up or go elsewhere, that’s the “choice” the party of toleration has given us…

I’m not attacking either, but I can’t let this go unchallenged.

They answer nothing with any “science” nor anything “plausible”.

I could go into a long explanation as to why, but I know it would fall on deaf ears.

It speaks more to an ignorance of science in general in our society today.

Even this is not an “attack” but an acknowledgement that even a cursory understanding of science is not really needed to get through life.


True. Science is immaterial for day to day life of most although they rely on the scientific understanding of others daily.


This is so ridiculous (worthy of ridicule) that it sounds like sarcasm.

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Sherlock Holmes isn’t real, he didn’t famously say anything, this thread is based on lies.


I have Bachelor’s and Master’s level degrees in agriculture. That required a solid, REAL, scientific education, in elementary, middle and high school and continuing into college.

If people choose to ignore scientific realities in the name of religious extremism, that is, of course, their prerogative.

But they are certainly closing MANY doors to themselves in life.


Explain the travel of light from andromeda to us in the span of 10,000 years.

I’d rather any fundamentalists taking part in this thread answer questions from more easily visible phenomena.

  1. How can dinosaurs have lived at the same time as mankind, when geologic evidence around the world shows three distinct time periods where different dinosaurs lived and flourished, with hundreds if not thousands of dinosaurs going extinct in each time period - as evidenced by the fact they are no longer found in the relevant strata.

  2. Where did all the different races of mankind come from. Do you believe that the Bible only covers certain details and that God created these different races but their story just didn’t make it into the Bible?

Why is it ridiculous? I’m sure they think the Flintstones were real too.

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C’mon guys. Can we have a serious discussion here without insults?

Optrader is not alone, 40% of Americans believe the earth is 10,000 years old, remember.

And that does include some actual scientists, who’ve come up with creation science to explain their beliefs.


Please. Many people still believe the Earth is flat too because they also ignore science. They deserve to be laughed at just as equally.

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This is a discussion board, not an insult board.

I’d like to have a discussion with these folks to see why and how they believe what they believe.

You’re clearly not interested in such a discussion. So could you please leave this thread to those that are?

We’re not having a discussion right now? That’s weird. You can choose to ignore me if you wish. I’ll continue posting wherever I wish. Deal?

It’s a pretty easy one.

Andromeda is 2.5 million light years from earth.

If the earth and by extension the universe (literal creation is that God created the heavens and the earth at the same time) is only 10,000 years old give or take, how can a literal young earth creationist reconcile that fact? The speed of light has been measured; it’s not instantaneous. It travels at a measurable speed in a vacuum.

It completely destroys young earth creationism.

On a personal level, I believe that some higher power created the building blocks of the universe. The closer we get to the Big Bang the more the math breaks down. We don’t know where the singularity came from.

So I am a creationist in a sense. But young earth creationism is ridiculous.


Does that also factor in the universe is constantly expanding? Because science dictates that too. If the Earth is only 10,000 years old, how fast would the Universe have to be expanding to make that distance plausible in that short a time assuming that the distance would correlate with said expansion? Do we actually know how fast the universe is expanding? I agree with you, just saying that it could be a possibility given what we still don’t know. I don’t think one could say for certain without some quantifiable measurements. Good thing we have scientists who do that sort of thing.

It’s pseudo science. They have made a conclusion and are working backwards. It’s the opposite of the scientific method. They have to disregard all other evidence to make it work.


Less and less now though. How many people actually understand how light bulbs work? Just as one example.

So much for having a discussion about their beliefs. All this is gonna be now is u two throwing out scientific theories - and showing off your erudition which is what you really want to do, isn’t it?- which roll off their backs as much as them threatening you with Hell rolls off yours.


Dear God, the Flintstones are not real?!?!