Behold the power of The Hogg!

This is kinda funny.

Another republican chump messin’ with my boy David!

Be nice if he got ousted, wouldn’t it?

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You’re proud of that foul mouthed, self promoting lying piece, of garbage?

Yes, remove anyone from public office that says something you disagree with, all opposition must be crushed!

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Left has themselves a hero. For now. A year from now it will be Hogg? Who is Hogg?

I learned early in life that who people pick as heroes tells you much about them.

Wait until it comes out he hates black people or homosexuals or committed sexual harassment.

They’ll keep it buried for a decade or more rather than let it get out.

Abernathy, Isgro and Hogg? I can’t decide if this sounds like a scary law firm or the primary characters from a mediocre novel author.


Dissent is not allowed. Attacking their newest useful idiot is not allowed. Wait for the cries of “How dare you!! He’s just a child!!” that will inevitably show up here.

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He gave up that shield of protection the moment he decided to make himself a public figure, leader of a movement to strip us of our 2nd Amendment Rights, and started lying about the NRA, it’s Members and Supporters calling us murderers and child killers.

You don’t attack my rights publicly and get a free pass because of your age, gender, or anything else.


Lol Waterville Maine, lol 887 signatures, you going to start reporting who won the election at Podunk High School next?


OG! Props to the Lad!

Why is Hogg?

The Hogg saga has been interesting to observe. He started out as a well spoken young man who evolved into a foul mouthed, egotistical punk that is the perfect spokesperson for the left. Yep…the midterms are coming so…keep it up.

Hogg should run for mayor.

Me too! That’s why I know exactly what people who voted for Trump are like - even when they pretend otherwise.



On the one hand, we have kids who survived a school shooting in which their friends died and have tried to channel that pain into needed social change on the subject of gun violence.

On the other, we have cro mag conservative politicians who think that mocking said kids is either wise or in good taste.

The sides that people choose say much about them.


Voting for Raymond Babbitt over Diabolus is hardly picking a hero.

So your attitude is … “remove anyone from public view that says something you disagree with, all opposition must be crushed!”

That about sum it up Rose? lol

Maybe you should go read the first line of my OP again and take note of your response.

Glad to see you completely agree bud!

Trump the snotty rich kid who cant change a light bulb.