Be Among the First to Congratulate President hickenlooper on His Victory

Yes, the dimocrat clown car has just gotten a little more crowded. Former Colorado governor hickenlooper has joined the fray.

Another white man running. dimocrats are gonna hate that.

Congrats President hickenlooper!

Choice is cool.

What specifically do you dislike about him?

I think the OP was more about the clown car than about Hickenlooper himself.

I decried the GOP clown car in 2015-2016. Now I get to sit back and watch the Dems to to themselves what too many Rs did in the last cycle.

Bet they don’t come with someone as monstrous as the sociopath we currently have in the White House.

Hold my beer!

Nancy Pelosi and Chuckie

Depends on the filter you have when viewing a person’s politics.

( shrug )

Mark Cuban’s been quiet…for now.

He signed a bill legalizing weed. He also ran his own successful brew pub. What’s not to love?!


Well he wasn’t all in on weed. He was against it even though he did not stand in the way of the voters’ decision. He wasn’t for allowing it to be consumed in public places, even those dedicated to just weed. He wasn’t for allowing med. weed to be used for autistic children. Not nearly as liberal as I’d like, but I could live with him as pres.

Bernie Sanders and his white male privilege!

Where’s Uncle Joe?

Sounds like a lot of people want that campaign cash. :unamused: