Bannon to Kochs: ‘Shut up and get with the program’

How long have you suffered from partisantardation…?

No… no… not really

In order to do so you must identify with one party or the other. Since I am neither r or d it is not an issue for me.

I just feel bad for you guys. Your choices at this point in the GOP are goofy hard right or neo Nazis.

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Won’t have any effect at all on the GOP… none…

Koch network snubs key GOP Senate candidate

Whether people like them or loathe them, the reality is the Koch network can absolutely be the edge that is needed for really close elections. And their decision to not back Kramer, could potentially give the election to Heitkamp in ND. And their decision to not back IN or NV Republicans also, could mean Democrats gain and pick-up seats in those two races as well.

See now this is where benefit to not be completely binary in your political thinking. Normal people can discuss political news without loving or hating any of the individuals involved in the discussion.

Yes, follow Trump straight down the toilet.

The Koch Brothers are Libertarians.

They are both registered Republicans

David Koch even ran for VP as a Libertarian.

The Kochs are libertarians, and a particular kind of communitarian libertarians, if that doesn’t seem too contradictory. Their passions are for reducing the size of government, promoting entrepreneurship, solving social problems through community organizations, and, particularly this year, criminal-justice reform and anti-recidivism programs in prisons.

Some traditional libertarian causes aren’t really on their radar screen. There wasn’t a word spoken about government surveillance, the joys of legal drugs, the Second Amendment, or gun rights at the winter meeting; those topics just aren’t their thing. It’s also not clear how uniformly socially conservative their donors are; if you drew a Venn diagram of the Koch-network donors and the attendees of, say, the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s annual meeting, you probably wouldn’t see a huge overlap.

In 1980 and has been registered as a Republican since 1984

This is going to go over well…


See ya in November…