Bannon to Kochs: ‘Shut up and get with the program’

Steve Bannon lecturing the Koch family… The first shots in the GOP internal war are starting…

Bannon to Kochs: ‘Shut up and get with the program’

This is in response to the Charles Koch announcement this weekend that would work with Democrats…

Charles Koch says he’d work with Democrats who share his values

Koch to Bannon:

Well, actually, never mind. That one’s probably not suitable for public viewing…

You think the Koch brothers are loyal to any political party? These guys literally tried to buy the last election. If any politician promises to give them what they want, they’d support them. They’re opportunistic business moguls, not politicians. If anything they’re a perfect representation that we have the best government money can buy.

The Koch’s values are what benefits the Koch’s the most.

The new GOP vs the establishment GOP. Chik a boom, chik a boom…dontcha just luv it.

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Neither of those versions of the GOP is something that I can support.

The GOP left me back in the 90’s.

Yep. Just like our President.

Ah yes a war between sellouts and jingoists.

Considering Steve Bannon is just a tiny bit short of being an overt white supremacist? I wouldn’t say so.

Yeah… it’s a fight between John Birchers and White Nationalists.

Not a good place for a party to be in if that is the case.

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If you mean the new GOP is one of immorality, unethical behavior, increased taxation on American consumers and businesses, socialism wealth redistribution bailouts of certain industries on the dime of taxpayers, versus an establishment GOP who still believes in limited government and not increasing taxes on people, then sure. That is what we have here. And yes, I’m quite certain you love basking in the new form of the GOP.


That seems to be a perfect summation of the posturing within the GOP to me. Unfortunately, the new GOP is winning that battle currently.

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Yes it is, and it is a shame to see such willingness to throw away every single alleged ideal and principle that so many claimed to hold dear, all to show fealty to a man as corrupt and insidious as Trump.


Unfortunately, what started out as a temper tantrum in 2015 / 2016 has turned into the new norm. This is what happens when people base their political decisions on revenge rather than what is best for the nation.


Trump’s New Republican Party is rooted solidly in emotion and victimhood.

He knew exactly how to exploit those who believed they were under attack by an invisible enemy. He’s still doing it every day. And it works.

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Absolutely. This weird desire to “stick it to the other side” because they are evil, or some such nonsense is what has been fueling all of this for some time now. It is about as shallow as anything I’ve ever seen in American politics.

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It is interesting to watch the money and propaganda machine the fueled the tea party movement and the freedom caucus now turn on the politicians and people it used to feed.


Now dem’s love Koch and the neocons… my, what a change a decade makes… Heck, now they love Bush too. and Reagan… IN ten years they’ll love Trump…

The new GOP sucks. I am glad that I am no longer registered Republican, but I am now registered Independent. And I am planning to vote Democrat for Congress and Senate this November.

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If you have been paying attention and were not suffering from partisantardation you would know neo cons were always love aka Obama Hillary.