Baker and MA Small Businesses

Love the cartoon! But is Governor really the problem here?

It appears he proposed a plan to help small businesses. I personally believe it’s wrong to specify small businesses owned by women & members of minority groups & to Hell with those owned by white males, but it was a plan.

And largely Democratic lawmakers slashed it. Add to that small business owners who, as stated, prefer relief at the Federal level and, as experienced, some small businesses whose restrictive terms of doing business shoot them in the foot, is Charles Baker really the death of small businesses?

Need another source since that site wants me to log in.

Here’s one where I see the POV expressed in the political cartoon:

Mass libs claim to care so much about poor people and to have anti big business attitudes, yet limiting capacity & closing some venues, like indoor skating rinks, is really kicking small businesses in particular in the teeth. Not a Baker fan as he had no problem allowing Planned Parenthood to operate & wouldn’t even end abortion as an elective procedure.

But I really don’t think he’s 100% of the problem when it comes to small business. Hope this article is accessible:

51 billion out of 775 billion for small business?

What other 724 million for?