BAD EDUCATION: Florida Teacher FIRED After Refusing to Comply with ‘NO ZERO’ Grade Policy

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A teacher in Florida was abruptly removed from the classroom this week after she refused to comply with the district’s “no zero” grading policy; requiring all instructors to give students at least 50% on all assignments -even projects not handed in.

According to NBC, Diane Tirado was fired from a West Palm Beach school for dishing out 0% grades to all her students that refused to submit assignments.

“What if they don’t turn anything in?" Tirado said she asked administrators. "‘We give them a 50.’ I go, ‘Oh, we don’t.’ This is not kosher.’”

"You were right about not giving people 50s because why would you give them half credit for doing nothing?" wrote one student after her removal.

“I’m so upset because we have a nation of kids that are expecting to get paid and live their life just for showing up and it’s not real," Tirado added.

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