BAD APPLES: Cuomo, De Blasio UNDER FIRE for $1.5 BILLION in Amazon Kickbacks

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Governor Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio found themselves in hot-water this week with Big Apple residents “furious” after they discovered the two leaders agreed to $1.5 billion in taxpayer subsidies for Amazon’s new headquarters in the borough of Queens.

The prominent Democrats were accused of an “immoral waste of taxpayers’ money” as a growing number of constituents griped over the massive kickbacks as the city’s infrastructure continues to age and crumble.

“I think if the takeaway from the recent election in Queens, New York City and nationally is that we should actually step up corporate subsidies and billionaires getting billion-dollar bailouts — if that’s the takeaway, somebody’s not got their fingers on the pulse of Democrats, certainly, but people generally in this country,” New York City council member Jimmy Van Bramer.

As long as it’s left-wing elites are doing it their supporters will fall in line. :wink:

Scott Walker and Trump—FoxConn.

So you got nothin’ on the story in the op just a "what about . . . "

Same thing different party.

Hannity cheered the other.

Lots of wingnuts are criticizing Cortez for criticizing the deal. Pick a lane, people.