Baby Jesus and the Original Sin

I get to decide for myself which ‘sins’ matter, or more accurately, what is a sin in the first place.

:man_shrugging: I’m just a little ex-Episcopalian having some fun. God was the straw man all along. :wink:

Can you honestly look in the mirror and see a person without sin? If not, who can?

…and I was under the impression that this is what was meant by the term but I truly don’t know for sure?

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If you’re baptized by the Holy Spirit, you’ll know. If in honest ignorance, it will be made known to you. That’s been my experience.

We can go back to etymology of the original Hebrew. Sin is defined as something that goes astray-- sin is something that misses the target because it does not go straight, is not good.

Who knows what’s been lost in translation over the millennia, but if it was meant to be how we are prone to sin, it was right on the mark. There’s not a single person out there who hasn’t knowingly wronged another human in their lifetime.

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Sure, as have others. Traditionally, the Catholic Church names
pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, and sloth as the seven deadly sins because they are behaviors and feelings that expand into additional and even greater sin.

Each of those sins are rooted in the pursuit of a life of pleasure, which is an impossible life to live without that pleasure eventually requiring the suffering of others.

Unfortunately, some think foregoing pleasure means trading a life of pleasure for a life of suffering and discontent. Instead, it means trading in pleasure for joy.

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You do know the greatest movie of all time, was the Wizard of Oz? It was filled with great messages for a child…and us adults. Your post reminds me of the end of the movie when the scarecrow asks Dorothy, what did she learn through all of this? Her response was, “when you’re looking for your heart’s desire, if you have to look any further than your own backyard, you probably never really lost it in the first place”. :sunglasses:

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Love that line!

No. Of course not.

But I do not believe you, me or anyone else is born with sin already on our score card.

It is a scheme to sell baptisms.

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The concept of original sin - as I understand it, and as I remember it being taught to me in catholic school - is, all of humanity is born with sin upon their souls. This sin is traced back to adam and eve and there partaking of the forbidden fruit. That sin has been transferred to all born humans.

And therefore, to erase it, you must be baptized. Otherwise, you die with at least that sin in your ledger.

For me, it is the foundation of guilt upon which organized religions are built and the emotion that allows them to thrive. We are flawed. We need the church to unflawed us.

Of course I have sinned. But I was not born on this earth with sin upon my head. I reject that guilt.

I was born into the world and have not found a way to overcome sin…and so which came first, the chicken or the egg isn’t that important to me. If I was one, who never sinned and original sin is as you suggest, I’d better understand your disdain.

I am responsible for my own sins.

Don’t lay the sins of others upon me.

My views are deeply influenced by my catholic education and up bringing, which I found to be based on guilt and the promise of forgiveness only if you follow the One True Way.

I don’t think we should live our lives in fear of other’s opinions of our sins and virtues. I think those are stones we should carry ourselves.

And I certainly don’t believe the only way to heaven is through any one church.

Believing that opens you up to the grift of the guilt IMHO.

You know, worse and worse crimes against humanity are being committed.

I wonder if the Second Coming is near.

We pray, and continue to pray, but nothing happens? Perhaps it is God’s will, in order to justify the need for Jesus to come back.

Do you believe it’s through Christ?


I believe Jesus Christ was a saintly man who walked the earth and who’s legacy has been spoiled by organized religion.

I do not believe jesus was the son of god, nor do I believe he was born of a virgin mother, nor do I believe that he sacrificed himself for our sins (a proposition that makes no sense), nor do I believe he rose from the dead. I believe those stories were invented to instill fear and guilt in an effort to recruit christians.

I realize that you are a devout christian, and I do not state these things in an effort to provoke or offend. I respect your right to believe and practice as you choose and wish you hppiness in doing so.