Ayn Rand- anyone remember?

I came of age about the time Kennedy was president. I was 18 in 1963.
Ayn Rand was my intellectual hero as she was many of the young people of that era.
I remained a fan until the mid to late 1970s when her seedy private life and dishonesty started to become known.
I never hear her name mentioned anymore. Few people know who she was.
Was anyone here a follower? Are you still?
What are your thoughts?

I don’t follow atheists.

Ayn Rand is a beloved figure by many conservatives of a certain age group. She has been for a long time now.

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I still listen to 2112

but I remain skeptical of objectivism

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I tried to read Atlas Shrugged and found it to be both silly and hateful. I couldn’t finish it.

Apologies to her fans.

I thought it was full of good ideas but it was boring. Like watching grass grow. The Fountainhead was better.

She had a little moment there when Paul Ryan was gushing over her, and they made those two craptastic movies. And then people remembered why they were unimpressed with her in the first place.

Oh, her writing is absolutely horrible–almost as bad as her ideas. I picked up the Fountainhead for a quarter at the library and forced myself through it.

The rape scene is something else.

Objectivism is the most morally bankrupt philosophy I have ever encountered.


A bad as the Fountainhead is I love the movie. Gary Cooper can make crap look good.

You and Rand would disagree. She hated the movie. That’s the main reason Atlas Shrugged was never a movie.

If Rand was still around she would probably be in the cross hairs of the MeToo people.

objectivism is more insane then communism.

I tried to read her books in high school.

There was a short revival not too long ago. I remember seeing John Galt car decals everywhere, and I think a movie came out that didn’t do too hot int he box office.

She is Paul Ryan’s Hero.

Her influence is strong in today’s GOP and right wing.

Big reason tax cuts can be sold over and over again…because many on the right have been sold that the wealthy are the “job creators”…a very Randian notion.

The whole morality of selfishness and altruism is really evil plays well with them for some reason.

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As well as most of society. Celebrating rape isn’t exactly cool these days.

That scene probably came from her personal preferences. Nathaniel Brandon said Rand was addicted to rough sex and rape fantasies.

Addicted to cigarettes and amphetamines also.