Avenatti has outlived his 15min of fame


…damn…and he was the libs best hope for a Presidential candidate. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…


Don’t be so sure about that…it gives him more credibility among the left-wing base.


Bwahahahahaha. I love your alternate reality show. It’s awesome! It’s almost as good as Mr. Cap’s commentary. :rofl:


Amazing that the MSM glorified Avenatti when it was clear he was just another blackmailer, this time against Trump. Stormy Daniels had a non-disclosure agreement with Trump. But that wasn’t enough money so they decided to blackmail him.
In any other case the blackmailer would be vilified by the press. But in this case he was made their hero.



You bet they did he was on CNN and MSNBC 100 times in just 10 weeks for attacking Trump and saying he would not finish out his first term. “Guaranteed “. He was getting so much media attention he was going to run for President before the abuse charges came out.


Sort of reminds me of when Fox News got all cozy with James O’Keefe.


I never got the O Keffe obsession thing, he was a one hit wonder on his first investigation afterwords it all looked ridiculous.




Try searching for James O’Keefe on this forum.

The Hannity Bot has posted 3 or 4 threads on O’Keefe today.


He was the darling of CNN and The View
He was always shopping a show and they always had a spot for him. They hung on his every word. The view ladies were very smitten.


He can still run for president, just not of this country.


Avenatti trying to shake down Nike was even stupider than Pecker trying to shake down Bezos.


Someone probably told him to just do it!

I know, boo, hiss. I’ll show myself out.


Stormy says there are more coming.


I don’t think when the alt left thought “wait for the SDNY to come in”, that they expected this.


Correction. A fitting end to a character in the anti-Trump show.


Avenatti was okay as an attack dog for Stormy Daniels against Trump, the minute he tried to turn that into a presidential run noooooooooooooooooooope. It was a fun joke, Avenatti 2020 we need a fighter! Now it’s just sad.


I called it a while back. If you looked up sleezebag in the dictionary you would see his picture.


Anthony weiner acted all high and mighty like this look how that turned out


Still waiting on swetnick to be charged. They can conjugal visit each other.