Avenatti has outlived his 15min of fame

This guy needs to go away.

Well… looks like he is going to get locked away.

A fitting end to a character in the Trump show.

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And too think libs had high praises for him only few months ago. Pinning all their hopes, their dreams on this guy.

He’s a grifter and a con man like fat donald but I do give him credit for making fat donald “individual 1”

Roy moore…

Bad apples in every bunch…he served his purpose…

Another criminal caught. Nothing wrong with that.

Disclaimer: Alleged criminal. Some Trump supporters are real keen on the fact that criminals must be convicted, until then they’re innocent.

Another one of the dimocrats white daddy 2020 hopefuls is bolstering his resume.

Maybe he can cut a deal where he gives up info on the plot to take out kavanaugh and gets a slap on the wrist.

Just throwing this blast from the not so distant past out there.

avenatti/swetnick 2020

Some anti-Trump folks pinned their hopes to Avenatti, thrilled to have a Trump-like figure on their side, ignoring the fact that all the things that made Avenatti stand out were the things that made Trump terrible in the first place.

When he inserted himself into the Kavenaugh thing I knew that there was no coming back from that being a circus.

Yeah he out grew his britches

If trump is a major league con man then this guy is like Single A or Rookie League.

100% agree.

Guess this clears the way for buttigeig.

And now we will begin spending hours a day on the radio making up conspiracy theories about fake news and deep states and corrupt justice departments. Wait, no we won’t.


Seriously though. In recent months he was accused of beating his girlfriend, gone bankrupt, been thrown out of his office, dropped by his client, defended jussie smollett and watched a video of r. kelly having sex with an underage girl.

He can at least run for office in Virginia.

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Dems were seriously talking about him as a Presidential candidate for 2020 at one time. Trump hate was the one big requirement for them and he had a lot of it.
Now lets see…extortion by revealing negative publicity unless they get a pay off. And then there’s the Nike case.

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No dude, only Avenatti was seriously talking about himself as a presidential candidate.


Tucker Carlson was 100% correct.

I think this may spoil his plans to join the 2020 Presidential race.

One wonders why sharpton and jesse haven’t faced similar charges??