August 13, 2021 is inauguration day

Who will join me at Trump second inauguration.

Seems like a reasonable date to me.

Logical, rational date for the inauguration .

Maybe a touch hot, prolly will be better weather at trump nation in jersey.


what is the over and under for this? I like to place a bet on this. I will put all my life savings on trump not being president on Aug 13.

Friday the 13th?!

This is great, I love it when they set dates.

And the excuses when it falls by the wayside.


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It is well past time to stop amplifying these wing nuts. Lindell found a podcast willing to listen to him, fine.

But why pick it up and spread it?!


And exactly how much of a bet would that be?

I suspect you might have trouble finding a bookie willing to take your bet.

Nah, my theory is the truth shall set you free.

Let lindell make a fool out of himself again.

Silence is permission.


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What if Mike lindell was right about this one little thing?

Well, that would mean you were wrong about everything.

I can see why you’re scared.

That does make any sense

Did you see the category this one is under?


do you believe Trump will be inaugurated on Aug 13?