Attempted assassination of Slovak PM Robert Fico

The Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico was shot during a public meeting in a mountainous central district of the country, a witness speaks of his head and chest having “bloody injuries”… . . the suspected gunman, which mainstream Slovak media reports is a 71 year old man from Levice, a historic town 50 miles to the south of where the attack took place. Denník N reports the alleged attacker is a poet and “member of the leftist Rainbow Literary Club” . . . Konzervatívny denník Postoj (‘The Conservative Daily Post’) claims to be able to name the suspect as Slovakian author, poet, and activist Juraj Cintula. According to the publication he has published three collections of poetry and is a member of the Association of Slovak writers. He has publicly expressed himself against violence, and eight years ago said he was founding an organisation called Left Against Violence.

In the launch, he spoke about mass migration and criticised the “hatred and extremism”, saying: “Every normal person rejects violence… Our goal is to unite people, preserve peace and restore democracy. It is very difficult because no one trusts anyone anymore. The world is full of chaos and hatred.”

Fico was elected in 2023 and has been a critic of EU policies with the war in Ukraine and with immigration, which as earned him intense criticism from officials in Brussels and from mainstream media in general. Defending democracy and freedom has come to mean overriding election results and ignoring national sovereignty when results go “the wrong way”. Here is a recent example from Politico:

Fico is “trying to create a mafia state … where the primary goal is to keep the pyramid of power functioning,” Michal Vašečka, a political analyst at the Bratislava Policy Institute said. . .European Parliament Vice President Martin Hojsík (PS) believes that the Commission will treat the situation in Slovakia seriously. “The Commission is way more inclined to not repeat the mistakes that happened in Hungary about a situation that was tolerated for way too long and Orbán was allowed to escalate,” he said.
Slovakia, the EU’s next rule of law headache – POLITICO

From what I see, the attack appears to be similar to the 2017 Scalise shooting that targeted the baseball team of Congressional Republicans. The attacker, James Hodgkinson, was a Bernie supporter who was radicalized by mainstream media reports of the Russia-collusion hoax. It took years for the FBI to finally admit that the assassination attempt was domestic terrorism.

Is the attack on PM Fico another example of violence from a terrorist radicalized by mainstream media?

Good news! Fico is expected to survive.

Deputy Prime Minister Tomas Taraba has told the BBC he “is not in a life-threatening situation at this moment.”

“Fortunately, as far as I know, the operation went well – and I guess in the end he will survive,” the statement indicated.

Meanwhile, UK Sky News said that the shooting was “not surprising” since Fico was “divisive” and “pro-Russian”. Is that a tacit declaration of “open season” on any politician who puts the interests of his own people above those of the elites who run things in Brussels?


Sure sounds like it.
Or just not sufficiently on board with D.C. hegemony.

The same people who run Washington run Brussels. The EU has become little more than system for enforcing dictates from DC.

The core principles of EU politics are endless wars to enforce western (= DC) hegemony and support for mass immigration into Europe of people fleeing the wars. Anyone who opposes these policies must be suppressed and/or eliminated as a “threat to democracy”. That is true even when the vast majority of European voters agree with a change in policy.

Fico was a member of the Communist Party when Slovakia was part of Czechoslovakia. His party is left-of-center, but he has a close relationship Victor Orban in neighboring Hungary who is characterized as “far right”. The “crime” of both leaders is that they have put interests of their own citizens above those of the oligarchs who run things in DC and Brussels.

Who is Robert Fico, the populist Slovak prime minister wounded in a shooting? | The Hill

The same people who are violently opposed to Fico and Orban are also opposed to any change away from the uniparty politics that dominate the US. The assassination attempt in Slovakia is not an isolated event.

Didn’t he just reverse course on aid to Ukraine shortly before the assignation attempt?

Perhaps Putin is sending a message…

According to your link, Slovakia is allowing arms exports to Kyiv. That is not the same as spending hundreds of millions on military aid.

Brussels has been withholding tens of billions in Euros that should go to Hungary. I assume that Slovakia is facing similar threats, and Slovakia is a much smaller country.

As Ursula von der Leyen says, “Vee have tools.”

Video of Fico describes increased threats and violence in response to the election of Peter Pellegrini as president in Slovakia a few weeks ago:

He flip flopped and went against Putin.

If you really believe that, then Brussels should be sending aid to Fico instead of plotting ways to remove him from office and sanction Slovakia.

The election of Fico’s ally as President of Slovakia shows that Brussels needs to increase pressure on the country. Slovak voters are a threat to democracy!

Good news: PM Fico continues to recover.
Meanwhile, the Slovak authorities are investigating that possibility that others were involved in the assassination attempt:

A potential broader assassination plot is supported by the fact that the assailant’s social media communications were erased by another person about two hours after the shooting, Interior Minister Matus Sutaj-Estok told reporters on Sunday.

Based on that development, “we added a version that it wasn’t only a lone-wolf attacker, but that the crime may have been conducted by a certain group of people,” he said, declining to give more details due to the sensitive nature of the case.
Slovaks Probe Possible Broader Plot Behind Premier’s Shooting