At 5:00 pm EST (midnight in Tel Aviv), the Knesset will dissolve and Israel will head to election #3 on March 2, 2020

In a little under 5 hours, the Knesset will dissolve and Israel will hold its third election in a year on March 2, 2020.

Dragged down under the weight of the Netanyahu indictment, Likud is floundering in the polls and Blue and White has gained a significant edge.

If Netanyahu doesn’t leave voluntarily, he will likely drag Likud down to defeat.

While it is unlikely that Blue and White would do well enough to form a majority center left government, it is possible that they could form a minority government with the indulgence of the Arab list. They could also try to form a unity government, but only if Netanyahu is finally out of the picture for good.

Just a few minutes ago and less than an hour before the midnight deadline, the Knesset voted 91 to 0 to dissolve itself and set elections for March 2, 2020.

While the Knesset would automatically dissolved at midnight even without a bill, the bill was necessary to move the election from the default date of March 10 to March 2. March 10 falls during the Jewish holiday of Purim and would have created a major problems.

Israel why you no elect a government, its so easy… (Canada barely elected one, its going to crash and burn any month now)

I can boil down why Israel has not successfully formed a government to one word…



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Everything Trump touches dies.

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Are the corruption charges likely to finally stick this time round?

Trump has very little to do with this particular issue.

This is all about Netanyahu and ONLY about Netanyahu.

These are solid charges. Hopefully Netanyahu will finally realize he is in a dead end and take up President Rivlin’s offer of a full pardon in return for his permanently leaving public office and offering a full confession to all charges.

Here he is displaying his career trajectory:


Ugh, I really wish he doesn’t end up dodging charges like that. But at least he’d be gone I guess.