Assembly Speaker Robin Vos must testify in Wisconsin's gerrymandering case, judges rule

“Vos spent weeks fighting the effort to force him to answer questions under oath about legislative maps lawmakers drew in 2011 to help the GOP win elections. But in a 2-1 decision Friday, the judges concluded Vos had to give a deposition and turn over documents.”

Basically this politician has been fighting like crazy to make sure he doesn’t have to testify under oath about the gerrymandering that went on in Wisconsin by the republicans. He knows once he’s under oath he’s going to have tell the truth or risk being indicted. So he’s going to do everything he can to get out of it.

This is actually a big development in the Wisconsin Republican cheating scandal. I’m surprised no one commented.

He should just say he created the districts for political purposes. That’s what O’Malley did and he’s hailed as a hero by the left for his redistricting.

Hang on. Weren’t you scolding the rest of us in another thread for not coming out against gerrymandering in one state?

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Yep. It took an actual thread about that state for anyone to even say so. I was just assuming since no liberals even broached the subject of Maryland before that.

I simply suggested here the guy follow O’Malley’s lead.

You left off the part about O`Malley seeking the overturn of the map he helped top create. Why would you intentionally leave that part out?

Do you feel the Wisconsin map should be changed, just like how O`Malley wants the Maryland map changed to better represent the people in the state?

Where has O’Malley stated he wants his map overturned? I’m still looking for a quote that says that.

This post is incorrect.

You created a thread with a nice conversation on gerrymandering. Why are distorting it based on your feelings of what happened in the past, with zero proof your feelings are correct.


How is it wrong? I haven’t seen anything but love for O’Malley and what he did on here.

I cannot help it if you are blind to the posts on your thread. You really need to read your thread again when you are not feeling so victimized. You will be surprised.


Ok. So O’Malley is a hero now for saying he wants to end partisan gerrymandering, after performing partisan gerrymandering? Even the articles mentioning him saying it’s easy for him to speak out now. Why did he flip?

Sorry I don’t want to derail the thread.

It’s hard to have a honest conversation when one is taking up and making up extreme positions. No one has said O’Malley is a hero.