As the conspiracy theories ramp up, so do court failures

Six more cases in Pennsylvania, a state Trump would HAVE to flip to have any reasonable chance of winning, tossed out.

Sidney Powell, Steve Cortes and Dr. Shiva better ramp up their efforts.

These so - called judges are obviously members of the deep state who likely belong in a dungeon somewhere.

/end sarcasm


But the investigations have started!! You just wait

So very silly

I just wanted to participate in this one.

Dr. Shiva’s “mathematical analysis” was so bad that as an MIT graduate I know he was trolling the naive.

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1 for 20, GO TRUMP! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Dr. Shiva? The same Covid 19 cure scammer Dr Shiva?

He is getting into this?

The inventor of email Dr. Shiva.

He presented such a laughable mathematical analysis of Michigan’s precinct vote that if he truly got a PhD from MIT he KNOWS it was laughable.

But he also knows his target audience.

So the same guy.

Grifters going to grift.

It seems some Trump supporters are right there with Trump, slogging doggedly through the KB stages.

Look for Depression to hit as cases continue to get tossed and law firms back out. Acceptance won’t be far behind, and after January the CEC can begin to step up the resistance/revolution rhetoric.