Article III Judiciary included in the government shutdown

The shutdown will commence in a a little over 3 hours.

Among the victims is the Article III Judiciary.

Fortunately, the judiciary has separate fee based sources that they can use to sustain core functions for about 3 or 4 weeks, but many auxiliary functions will shut down immediately to protect core functions for as long as possible.

It is estimated that the judiciary could operate for three to four weeks, but after that, civil proceedings would halt and any remaining funding would concentrate on criminal proceedings. But eventually, even that would grind to a halt.

The only thing is certain is that Article III Judges will be paid, funding or no funding. Judicial salaries are sacrosanct and several judges have indicated in no uncertain terms that if their paychecks are interrupted in any way, their will be severe consequences for those involved.

it would be ironic if the schumer shutdown de-funds the muller investigation

It doesn’t

I though the POTUS said he would be proud to own the shutdown? did something change? Did i miss something?

I would think it a conflict of interest for them to take or bring a case of their paychecks being suspended until a budget is passed. I think it would be constitutional for them to be paid in full after the fact. Constitution mearly says their salary can not be reduced. As long as they get the full salary at some point . . . in my book it satisfies the constitution.

According to a (I believe Washington Post) reporter earlier tonight, the investigation is fully funded and not in danger of shutting down.

That’s the way I understand it. When appointed was given a continuing authorization to spend spend spend :smiley:

It would be ironic. And might force Bobby to delay the release of his findings until after the next ice age. I have seen many a shut down. And everyone was preceded by unnecessary panic. The freak outs get worse every time.

Besides, he’s made the us government a hefty profit

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Whom would the judges be threatening?

The people or their representatives?

An ugly thing to even hint at…judicial reprisals.

Witch hunt…collusion…mueller…ring a bell.