Arrest Dems attempted cou

Okay Sean first let me say thank you for all your help and thanks to Fox news the only ones who seem to tell the real truth I’m going to throw this out there should any of the Democrats be arrested for treason and stop the swamp now?

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Yes they should IMO and I know that Sean himself wants some kind of accountability for Dems whose behavior definitely meets the standard of sedition since Sean has done extensive reporting and exhaustive investigating on their actions so he knows all to well what they are guilty of. I believe the only accountability for their actions will come from the voters though, I don’t think DC is capable of cleaning up the swamp they have built.

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The odds of a high ranking government official being held accountable are about the same as seeing a sasquatch and a space alien in the same day. That would be barbaric. “That’s not who we are.”

It’s amazing how even with all the complaining about indoctrination and the dumbing down of people by liberals in the American educational system that Trumpists were the ones first able to take advantage of it to leverage a successful political movement.

The impeachment process is not an attempted coup. There is no violence and is not illegal.


Bingo. Donald is of low cunning but he was and is indeed genius when it comes to capitalizing on the American public’s baser instincts. Our undisputed King in the Age of Idiocy.


I agree as exasperating as it is, I believe the DC Swamp can only be drained by the voters along with Congressional term limits to prevent lazy & predictable voting that keeps incumbents in office for decades on end, Kennedy and Murtha were so old (and corrupt) they practically died right on the floor of Congress for goodness sake and being in Congress for 50 years is a longer reign then a lot of real “monarchs” around the globe.

Its an Amendment to the Constitution that needs to happen and the behavior of the seditious Dems over the past three years proves it. IMO

It already started in 2018 and imo will continue in 2020

I had read that M McConnell has been in the Senate for an extended period so I had a quick check to see when he was first elected. That was in November 1984 - around 36 years ago. I don’t claim that this is the longest period but it certainly begs the question why wasn’t he included in the spirit of bi-partisanship. Let me say that I was assuming that term limits would apply to not only Democrats but also Republicans as well. He is also almost 78 years of age.

Not everybody is as smart like your average lib…

Michael Flynn.

Which is good, because those buses aren’t as long as the regular ones. (Insert sarcasm emoji here)

How very fascist.

Is that pronounced ‘cow’? I’m going to start pronouncing ‘coup’ ‘cowp’. 'Cause I like cows.

Specially the strap and prime rib. :wink:


The truth? FOX or trump wouldn’t know the truth if it came up and bit him on their collective asses.

Thanks for the laugh.

Sorry, these imaginary “coup” leaders must be left out of jail so that Trump and those like him will have someone to rail against…