Armed Teacher Stops a Kidnapping

For what?

A good one to get started.

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Oxymoron. There’s no such thing as a “good hoplophobe prog”.

Haha! Thank you, Sneaky. I meant a good debate, but I hear you. Fear won’t bring anything constructive.

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From what has been posted the gun played no part in the release of the girl.

Perhaps, but it will have played a part in the apprehension and prosecution of the pervert and hopefully prevent the next would be victim from the trauma and perhaps death at his hand.


:rofl: There we go.

Everyone of any age needs watchers under Globo-Democrat bigger government.

No, kids in school should NEVER be left unattended, EVER. They are in the legal care of that teacher. This is drilled into teachers.

If the hero teacher was supposed to be in charge of those kids, he effed up by not being out there with them. Potentially would have avoided this entire situation.

Not a goalpost move. If the gun toting teacher was the one in charge of those kids, he should have been outside with them. Tweaker kidnapper sees unattended kids, tweaker kidnapper sees an opening.

According to this article, they were being watched from the inside.

I think there was a King of the Hill episode where Bobby pretend to push Hank over a ledge, pulls him back, then claims credit for saving Hank’s life.

So 41 year old hop heads whacked out on fentanyl or crack don’t try to grab you and drag you off to never be seen again?