Armed Florida Man's Racist Rant Lands Him In Jail (Also a Seal poser)

This guy is in jail for threatening a black man a few days ago while waving a BB gun.

But in the process, he outed himself as a Seal poser.


The guy claims to be a 35 year Navy Seal and a Purple Heart recipient.

In reality, he has never served in the military in any branch.

Of course, the obligatory Seal Trident leads off.

However, he claims the Purple Heart, yet wears no Purple Heart Ribbon. In fact, his highest ribbon is a Navy Commendation Medal with a Silver Oak Leaf Cluster (6 total awards).

If you have been in the service as a Seal for 35 years and a Commendation Medal is all you can manage to get, your pretty ■■■■■■■ pathetic. :smile:

The rest of his ribbons, as far as I can tell, are a soup sandwich of various service ribbons.

You would think that if you are going to pose, you would wear ribbons that match with the diarrhea coming out of your mouth.

On his car is a Florida Purple Heart license plate. Illegal to have unless you were actually awarded the Purple Heart, meaning he must have forged paperwork to obtain that plate. So that charge will likely be added to the hate crime charges he is already facing.

Oh, and he also claimed to be a SWAT team member. :rofl:

This man needs 5 years added to what ever sentence he gets just for being a moron. :smile:



You beat me to it.

Also, I note his last name is a mash-up of ■■■■ and check which seems appropriate, because he ■■■■■■ up and is going to have to write a check.

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I wonder who this gentleman is planning to vote for in November.

He likely will be an incarcerated felon by November and won’t be voting for anybody.

I can’t remember where we currently are on felon voting rights in Florida

Obviously, #3689578 for cell block d steward. (He promised extra gravy on the Salisbury steak.

Right now, incarcerated felons cannot vote nor can those on parole.

The issue of outstanding fines, fees and restitution for felons who have completed prison and parole is at the Eleventh Circuit.


I agree about the 5 year moron charge.