Arkansas police chase, arrest teen for having guns at school

A teacher saw the gun in the teen’s backpack, they alerted the cops who chased him, took the guns (“A .22lr pistol and a RG 10 revolver”) and gave him a ride to the police station. I’m sure he’ll have a good reason for packing at school.

So two .22s.

It’s getting crazier and crazier out there but look…the “scary gun” ban wouldn’t have worked because he had handguns. Somebody tell the Hogg.

Calling that German piece of junk a handgun is being kind.

We didn’t even let teachers see our iPods once they were banned at school, how can you screw up so bad that a teacher accidentally sees your guns?

I bet there are a number of teens carrying guns at school every day. They just don’t get caught.

It appears you’re right…and that’s scary but the law banning AR-15s should stop all this?:thinking:

Hmm let’s think about this for a minute shall we?

The latest tactic of the anti gun left seems to be that we must convince everyone so bad that our kids are no longer safe in public schools, that they will inevitably end up being victims of a school shooter because such shooters are around every corner just waiting to strike.

Why on earth then would a kid think it’s a good idea to have a gun handy “just in case”?

The reason students in Texas college classes can carry guns because the right has been making exactly this argument for a while.

is because*

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it honestly doesn’t matter if it’s school or a concert or wherever. it also doesn’t matter if people are armed or not. the shooter will simply adjust his plan accordingly and gun down the people he wants to gun down. it’s not like these people care about their own lives.

for some reason people think they have eyes in the back of their heads or are aware of everyone they encounter each day where no one has a clear shot. it’s a bizarre phenomenon regarding invincibility (which is a reaction of not being able to control situations like mass shootings/regular shootings/etc).

Six weeks until the next mass shooting. 54 minutes until the next regular firearm homicide.

That’s a complete lie. The reason we fought for campus carry is twofold. College students are entitled to the same rights as any other law abiding citizen and bad things can and do happen anywhere including college campuses.

Preparation is not paranoia it’s simply being prepared for when things do go bad.