Arizona sheriff candidate proposes using "skunk water" to thwart protesters

Hopefully, Paul Penzone will be reelected Maricopa County Sheriff and we will never find out how the “skunk water” might have worked out.


Sheridan might not be Arpaio, but the bombastic clown aspect resides within him.

Really, really, really need to reelect Penzone.

BTW, Penzone is no leftist, not by a long shot. He cooperates with ICE, but in a completely lawful manner, sanctioned by a Federal Judge.

Penzone is an effective Sheriff who does his job strictly by the book and according to the law and he should be reelected.

Sheridan is a step back to the cluster ■■■■ of the Arpaio years. Maricopa County does not need that.

I suppose that’s more humane than Axe Body Spray.

Skunk water?
That’s a terrible waste of Mickey’s Big Mouth.