Are We Experiencing The Reality Of Purge?

My sister asked me if the rioters, looters, and the physically vicious and very disrectful young people are enacting their version of the Purge. She didn’t mean the protestors who didn’t and haven’t participated in the ruination of businesses or private property by rioting.

Are they using the excuse of a tragedy to carry out destruction bec they believe it’s ok, they can get away with it and not face consequences?

I’d say she’s pretty perceptive.

As a few of us keep pointing out “civilization” is a very thin veil that can be ripped apart and thrown away at any time. We have always been derided and laughed at when we bring it up.

We are seeing it however on a large scale and unfortunately I think it’s built enough momentum that the only thing that might quell it is an unusually hot summer with a lot of violent weather that might then break the will of the protesters/rioters/looters.

If police keep being ordered to stand down and retreat or not show up at all, the momentum is going to be extremely hard to break.

We’ve already seen the first vestiges of even wealthy left wingers and their elected leaders who actually have supported BLM and other leftist causes for years or decades have been attacked and are starting to take up arms to protect themselves.

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