Are vaccines more dangerous than COVID for young men?

A new analysis of data from the UK shows that the Moderna vaccine (mRNA-1273) gives a much higher risk of myocarditis than that from a COVID infection. The second and third doses of the Pfizer vaccine (BNT162b2) are also giving a higher risk compared to COVID infection.

The data on the risk of COVID infection comes from earlier variants. The new Omicron appears to give milder symptoms, so it is likely that the risks associated with Omicron are significantly lower than reported.

Meanwhile, the number of soccer players dropping dead from heart attacks continues at record levels. It must just be a coincidence.

Myocarditis is not the only risk factor for Covid.

So no… the vaccines are not more dangerous.

Is it known that all of these four soccer players were vaccinated ? And which vaccine ?

Interesting that three of them are middle eastern.

Yes, there are other risks.

Is there any data shows that an Omicron infection is more dangerous than getting a booster? Or is that an article of faith?

A pharmacist was asked to explain the risks of the Moderna vaccine based on the data on the consent form. The results were not reassuring.

The omicron wave hitting NYC has seen a four fold spike in pediatric Covid hospitalizations

Most of those are from unvaccinated children. A lot of them are too young to get vaccinated.

You know what we haven’t seen a spike in? Children being harmed by the vaccine.

Yes, quadrupling sounds scary. A reasonable question is whether the patients were hospitalized because of COVID or if they happened to test positive while in the hospital for other reasons. Omicron is so contagious that it is likely that many patients become infected after they are admitted.

The article is ambiguous on these details:

In the week leading up to Christmas, hospitals in and around New York City had an average of about 73 pediatric COVID patients each day — up from just 18 per day at the start of the month. On December 23rd alone, 115 COVID-positive young people spent the day in the hospital.

There is a spike in hospitalizations while a variant is ripping through the city…. Hmmmm…. Wonder what could be causing it… meanwhile look over here at these four unconnected soccer players whose vaccination status we don’t even know…. Just asking questions you know.

Establishing cause and effect is not possible without more information.

A reasonable question is whether the increase in hospitalizations is related to the new vaccine mandates for children.

Coincidences happen all the time so single case does not provide proof. For example, an editor for the New York Times recently dropped dead from a heart attack hours after getting a Moderna booster.

Since the majority of Covid cases are unvaccinated…. I would say no.

The CDC says that no one is considered vaccinated until at least two weeks after the last dose. All the kids who have received Pfizer or Moderna shots since the mandates are still technically “unvaccinated”.

Kids who were hospitalized because of vaccine side effects who then contract COVID in the hospital would be listed as unvaccinated COVID cases.

I am sure that you believe that to be true

FDA and the vaccine makers are withholding the data used to qualify the vaccines. Why should we trust what them?

Historically, the US has been more than willing to sacrifice young men to protect the elderly.

They are fulfilling a Broad FOIA request that takes time.

500 pages a month is the same rate as the Mueller FOIA request from Buzzfeed.

There is a lot of material…. And it takes time.

Maybe they should have narrowed their scope a little.

I don’t think it’s right to put the pharmacist through that.

I’m against vax mandates but that video is bull ■■■■■

New data from the UK is showing that vaccines greatly increase the risk of myocarditis in men under 40 compared to that of COVID infection. Vaccinations of boys and younger men appear to be doing far more harm than good at this point, especially for the Moderna vaccine (mRNA-1273).

Is it time for the FDA to withdraw the vaccines for use in males under 40?

Or is should the withdrawal be limited to the Moderna vaccine?

Or is the nation fine with needlessly sacrificing its young men in the name of universal vaccination?