Are they more Important than You?

Why is it that Democrat Politicians in Washington D.C. seem to care more about the Problems of other countries over their own?

One simply example of this is easy. Socialism would destroy the middle class, and there would only be the Rich Elites(And some of the richest people on America are Democrats), and the poor. The Democrat Politicians, want everyone in America that isn’t them, to have to count on them for everything. Are you going let that happen?

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If Democrat Politicians make deals with other countries for certain things, they can help bring Socialism to this country faster, because those countries will be helping them do it, in certain ways.

Compare and contrast why do some Republican supporters seem unwilling or incapable of criticising the current president for his appalling behaviour?.

So Australian “Aussie”,

Do you think that Democrat Politicians in Washington D.C. care more about the problems of other nations over their own countries problems?

and I’ve criticized Trump before on things, and don’t agree with everything he says and does.

Because only fake news say stuff like that to deflect from the crimes committed by Obama and his Deepstate traitors.


Some Democrats sold out the American people for Globalization!


A lot of it is fake new, yes.

But some of the things Trump says, are a bit radical even for my tastes.
I think he does it for the shock effect though, intentionally.
It still doesn’t make it logical at times, or even right.

We all must be able to have at least some humbleness at times. Trump can have it, when he choses to.

Obama and the “Democrat Politicians” are definitely traitors though.


I suspect that some Democrats realise that the USA doesn’t exist in a vacuum so other nations’ problems do have an impact on the USA and as such can’t be ignored. An example would be the people crossing the southern border seeking refugee status is a case in point.

Also, I would think that causing a worldwide recession is counterproductive.

There is more than a subtle difference between say a commentator on Fox News using hyperbole to try to be supportive of Trump and the President of the USA using similar hyperbole. The former can be ignored; the latter there can be consequences and in some cases, dire consequences.

Excuses, are all that I am hearing.

So in other words, Democrat Politicians think that we should take on the rest of the worlds problems, and are more worried about other countries over our own.

I do find it hilarious when people from other countries think that they know what’s best for Americans. Maybe they should worry about their country first. Just like Americas Politician should worry about America first.

Hey! That could be a good Campaign Slogan; America First!

I’m answering your questions, but you keep not answering mine?

Eh, I’m use to it as a Conservative though.

I guess that says a lot about the truth within politics in general.

Conservatives give you detailed answers.
Democrats tend to deflect and deter as much as they can, because they
tend to not have straight up honest answers in general.

This happens for a reason America.

I am not a Democrat. As I have pointed out on more than one occasion, the Democratic Party is too far right for me. The USA does not live in a vacuum.

What excuses are you hearing as a matter of interest?

If you’re not a Democrat, and the Democrat Party is to far to the right for you, then you must be a huge Socialist! Especially, considering the Democratic Party has gone extremely radical to the far Left over the years.

Do you live in America?

Those are just some.

Err no. I chose my profile of westaussie to clearly indicate that I am domiciled in the state of Western Australia in the country of Australia. For the record so there is absolutely no doubt I am an Australian citizen.

I’ll bet there is not a single Republican or conservative on this board who has NOT criticized Trump’s appaling behavior.

Both of my parents are on Social Security. My brother is in the military. I have family members who work in the government.

They all seem to be doing quite well in “socialism”. The lowest paid people I know work in the free market.

Yep. One quick question. Does “Medicare for all” mean Medicare for congress too?

Democrats have no problem banking off of other nations problems.