Are the press (media) the enemy of the people. Trump Thinks so. What say you?

I’m convinced more than ever that a sizable chunk of our fellow citizens would gladly embrace a dictatorship if Trump was at the helm. The same people who profess to love the Constitution more than anyone would gladly rip it up.

I don’t know. Can he even hold a gun in those tiny tiny hands?

They make guns for ladies, don’t they?

I think so. Maybe a little derringer or something?

O’Reilly? That hurts my man!

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Careful there buddy… :wink:

Of course they would…its a lie

I wish they would speak openly about this so that we can kick their asses each time they utter the words.


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The MSM is nothing more then an arm of the socialist Democrat Party so YES myself as a citizen of the United States I do believe they are more dangerous to the welfare and security of this country then any foreign enemy.

What the heck do you call 93% negative reporting from the MSM with a booming economy, a 50 HIGH in jobs, ISIS is defeated, and new trade deals that will benefit the USA, how doesn’t the supposed 'bipartisan" prison reform not generate a little more positive reporting then what the MSM hacks are spitting out.

Resistance and sedition!

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Hey Roxie…your wiki is still open.


You know the mainstream media is biased because their coverage of Trump is negative and there isn’t anything LEGITIMATE to report that’s negative about Trump. So they are biased. Because he is cool. So are his lies. I like them, they should too.

That someone actually has the nerve to post that on this board is frightening.

blah blah blah something something about the media is a schill for SOcialiSM…all the neGativE reporting. And then something more blah blah about how the president acting completely unglued having nothing to do with it.

Trump is cool?

Not a very booming economy, actually. In fact, the Trump economy is basically the same as the Obama economy. Slow and steady growth, which is okay.

Fat ■■■■■■ Donald is trying to juice the economy with massive $1 TRILLION deficits each year, but he’s spending it in all the wrong places. Why? Because he is a ■■■■■■■ moron.

Unemployment is very low. We are at full employment. But still running massive deficits.

Oh, and the labor participation rate is also at or near a record LOW.

It is indeed good news that ISIS has been badly damaged. It’s good that Fat Donald stuck with the Obama plan.

NAFTA 2.0 is basically NAFTA.

Other than that, Fat Donald has simply engaged in trade wars that are driving farmers into bankruptcy.

Major failure.

The media covered the prison reforms quite a bit. But there is no reason to continue covering it.

Yes, Fat Donald and his band of grifting losers are borderline seditious. You know the penalty, right?

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Trump is the coolest, why have another election when there is no one cooler?

The truth is Trump’s number one enemy. If there is an article that makes him look bad he will attack it as “fake news”. If the article cites facts, I have a greater belief in it if Trump attacks it.

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Exhibit a

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Well, that you pout that Trump doesn’t get the glowing coverage you think he deserves (outside Trump TV) isn’t the issue, is it?

The question for you is: what would you like to see done about it?

Has this been successfully modeled anywhere? Where are those great countries that went through, “the press is the enemy of the people” stage?

What’s the next step? I don’t even want to speculate.