Are the dems gonna make this stoooopid mistake again?

What mistake? Well the biggest mistake any political party has ever made was to pick the most disliked, untrustworthy, corrupt, lying, greedy and may I say NASTY candidate in history and rig the system so that she is the nominee. Basically they committed political suicide. Totally insane on their part. But with love, we thank them for it. So how are they repeating? They have pretty much made it clear that if they win the house, Miss Nancy will be their choice for speaker. Nobody else has really been mentioned as an option. Again, I love this idea. So overconfident of winning that they can afford to have Miss Nancy turn away countless voters. They never learn.

Avoid this troll thread.


Much unlike you, then?

Just heading them off at the pass.

Wise counsel. It shall be heeded.

If you don’t mind, we can use this thread for something useful. How exactly did you reply to me. I’ve seen others quote me, like I did to you, and I’ve seen others use reply which puts the person being responded to’s avatar in the post. Yours had neither, and I’ve seen this a bunch of times before. It’s sometimes hard to follow who is taking to whom.

There are two “reply” buttons. One is just below and to the right of a post, the other is in a blue box below it. The one in the blue box should really say something other than “reply” because it isn’t a reply. It just allows you to post without referring to anyone else’s post.

Right, and unlike my first quote of you, I’m using the one to the lower right of your post for this one. But my post will likely have your avatar in it where people can click on it to see what I’m responding to. Your replies to me don’t have that, yet I’m getting notifications when you reply to me.

Now it make a liar out of me.

Speak for yourself. Nobody appointed you to be thought Police.

I’m actually confused myself at this point.

See, it worked that time! It’s intermittent, I guess.

Before you hit the “reply” button, Highlight the quote you are replying to like you are going to copy and paste. When you do that, the quote button will pop up. Click on it and you are in business.

Thanks, but I got that. I was just trying to figure out what others were doing. Seems there’s a glitch with the standard reply button. Wish everyone would just quote everybody.

It’s not really a user friendly site in many ways. Anyone with minimal computer skills should be able jump right in and go. That is not the case here.

If you reply to a poster, and their post is right above yours, the avatar thingie won’t show up.


Thank you! I couldn’t quite work that out.

Yeah I’m going to start using the quote function more.

In general, I like the site, but there are a few things that make it less functional than it could be.

Like the lack of an edit button.

But I am assured that for the edit button…

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At least you’re consistent?