Are Nick Fuentes and his ilk conservative leaders?

This infighting has been heating up a bit recently with some figures on the alt-right disrupting conservative speakers and events etc.

It’s something the conservative movement is going to have to figure out going forward, particularly post-Trump. Are these figures to be held at arms length, disavowed or accepted as part of the movement?

Apologists and self interested ($$$) commentators like Malkin are going to make keeping figures like Fuentez outside of the tent a bit harder, imo.

As a few examples of the recent targeted disruption from Fuentes’ supporters, Charlie Kirk from the other day:

And Don Jr:

Yeah, yeah…maybe the infighting that’s going on with the left, will infect the right.

My friend…just because someone supports Trump, does not mean I support them. Just as I took heat for my stance on Charlottesville, I may stand for your right to free speech, even if I don’t stand for you. Stand up for your beliefs and if someone in the crowd is yelling something similar, that doesn’t mean I approve of them…even though…that’s often how it’s painted.

I’m disappointed in you Mole. What are you doing, trying to create an AOC on the right?

I just watched the discussion and this thread is FAKE. By far, the vast majority there were conservative Trump supporters plus a few alt-left. The crowd was upset because the question and answer period was cut short. My gosh people…didn’t you learn anything from the Jessie Smollet fake news saga? You’re being used people…and that causes you to evolve. Now guess what people being used by the media are labeled? :sunglasses:

Nah, just observing something that is happening.


What? I never said the whole crowd was alt-right supporters, Smyrna. But these guys are turning up at conservative events all over to disrupt them.

Malkin just got fired from her YAF gig due to defending white supremacy. Her mainstream-ish career is probably over, but there’s plenty of money to be made on the fringes still.

Wasn’t she a Fox News’ contributor?

I’m surprised Fuentes is gaining traction, given the ass kicking Destiny gave him on multiple occasions.

He’s not.

His viewership was increasing before these incidents.


Now they’re getting spots on primetime Fox.

Conservative leaders? If there are conservative leaders he doesn’t sound like one of them, assuming the article is true.
Honestly, I have never heard the name before.
If someone is putting him out as a conservative leader it sounds like someone is broadbrushing, and not very truthfully either.

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Wishful thinking on his part.

Never heard of the fellow myself. This Fuentes person.

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He’s one of the new generation of pundits on the alt-right that have exploded since '16, mostly with online audiences that have increasingly crept into the more mainstream American right.

I’m noticing more and more crossing of the steams in the past 6 months though. Whether it be Malkins blowup, Fuentes and other fans turning up at TPUSA events, or Tucker hosting increasingly fringe figures and presenting them as something less sinister.

Just wondering if the various gate-keepers are going to step in or not.

It’s really not, this isn’t a good thing in any way shape or form.

Tucker has all sorts of weirdo’s on his show. More hard left radicals than anything else really.

Kind of annoying really. I suppose he thinks stirring the pot helps his ratings but i find it annoying.

I prefer watching Lou Dobbs or our host myself as they don’t bring on radical lefties.

If i wanted to watch those folks i would watch cnn or msnbc.