Are democrats voting out of fear?

So it’s a two man race, Biden and Bernie, and all the nominees are lining up behind Joe in support of the establishment democrat candidate.

Are they playing it safe?

Is the democrat party voting out of fear that a socialist can’t beat Trump?

What does that say for voter enthusiasm for their candidate, Joe Biden?

Is this a rebuke of socialism from the left, and will that trend continue?

Is Michael Moore right, have the dems scrambled for a savior from socialism and landed on a dead horse?

A lot of people vote based on fear…that’s what trump ran on…


Election years are fun.

Everyone has a different opinion. And everyone else except you is wrong.

Is voting for who you think has the best chance to win voting out of fear or wanting to win. I don’t think Bernie or Biden are sure things, so the idea that we have to go with Bernie because Biden has no enthusiasm doesn’t entirely resonate with me. For pundits you have Moore on one side and Carville on the other, that thinks Bernie would be a definite, resounding loss. I ended up going back to Biden because Amy dropped and she wasn’t going to win anyways. It’s all taking a chance.

Bernie also bothers me, he gets into “not being treated fairly” and “the establishment is against me” routines and it’s not a good look.


Socialism has often been rebuked from the left. Obama couldn’t get a public option.

The only reason cons are surprised is tgat the CEC has drilled into their heads for 30 years that democrats are communists that want to tax you to death and take away your freedoms

Klobuchar was the only one who raised her hand when asked if any had an issue with a democratic socialist being at the top of the ticket.

Yeah. Bernie is becoming more and more a Trump of the left.

Not liking it.


Where’s the revolution that will totally show up in the general that just happens to not exist now? Like the enthusiasm proposition, the buy in to Bernie has the passion needs to translate to actual turnout now. Waiting for the revolution to happen in the general is as much a risk as going with Biden.

Nice cherry pick. Many democrats and many candidates expressed their disagreement with single payer and expanded social programs on the level Sanders was pushing.

Democrats have never been a very “socialist” party. Despite what the man on the radio has been saying for 30 years. Sanders wouldn’t come close to passing single payer, even if elected.

Libs have spent decades and I mean decades cultivating socialism within their ranks…and just when they are on cusp of their goals they freaked out.


I thought this is what they always wanted? Or did they mislead their people into thinking this only to deceive them once again.

Inquiring minds want to know.

I call BS…right when it is in your grasp you guys chicken out.


They want the incrementalism so it will sneak up on the populace. They know it will be rejected, hence the fear. You can’t trap someone with government dependency if you tell them what you’re going for upfront.


Yes, it’s “BS” that socialism is often rebuked because “right when it’s in grasp” it gets rebuked :laughing:

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Let the CEC talking points commence. Even if they are rebuking socialism, don’t believe them! They want to Trojan horse you!

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Or they’re realizing that capitalism and free market had enriched their lives…and they are willing to give that up to keep their promise to their sheeple.

Only when they control both houses do they decide to…not do it.

Or maybe it isn’t this giant conspiracy and democrats just aren’t as into socialism as the man on the radio says they are



In reality there’s very little difference between the candidates as evidenced by the debates.

The only real difference between Bernie and the rest is he’s completely open and honest about who and what he is.

Other than that it’s just a matter of degrees of angle and how rapidly they plan to take us off the far left ledge.

Bernie I think scares them because he’s so honest and can’t be controlled by the DNC.

What percent of Democrats are socialists who want single payer and free higher ed? Have any numbers to back anything up?

You do realize that yesterday’s result was from a lot of people voting… right?