APRIL’S BAD DAY: Ryan Falsely Claims Trump BOOED at White House, Issues Correction

Originally published at: https://www.hannity.com/media-room/aprils-bad-day-ryan-falsely-claims-trump-booed-at-white-house-issues-correction/

CNN White House correspondent April Ryan was forced to issue a correction to an earlier report Tuesday after she falsely claimed President Trump was booed at today’s Patriot’s event at the White House.

Ryan initially reported that the President was loudly “heckled and booed” at the rally scheduled to replace the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagle’s welcoming ceremony, when in fact it was Trump’s heckler who was loudly rejected.

The President himself was warmly received by the crowd of spectators.

“Breaking: reporters are rewatching the event and found a heckler in the crowd started asking questions of @realDonaldTrump and the heckler was booed. The heckler was escorted out of the event. The booes were for the heckler,” she later tweeted.

“The original breaking boo tweet was deleted as reporters on the South Lawn who told of the booign and heckling did not see all of what happened on the other side of the lawn. After the tape was watched the heckler was booed not @realDonaldTrump,” she added.