Applying liberal fact checking to Biden's press conference

Yes, he took questions for about 30 minutes.

6 questions from a pre-approved list, and he just rambled for 30 minutes.

Should this thread be merged into the “This is the TTT for BDS” thread?

Why?? So far it’s all about biden’s “press conference”.

And his 6 questions from his pre-approved list was part of it.

Curiously the captions start after Biden’s obvious confusion about the location.

Is C-Span covering for him too?

Probably. Everyone else is.

Still wondering about this “crimate clisis” thing. Should we be worried??

Sounds dangerous to me.

Trump supporters…talking about rambling.

I still can’t vote for him.

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One of the most important reasons to get rid of Trump in November is because of his obvious mental problems. Severe neurological degradation. He had some sort of medical event in February that required his medical professionals to administer the prototypical dementia test out of fear he had a substantial mental incident. Ever since he has struggled to hold a glass of water to his lips with one hand. To navigate a mild ramp. He wildly jerks his body and swings his appendages regularly in a way that had never been seen before from him.

His mental acuity has suffered greatly. I’m genuinely worried that he had a series of TIA’s or even a full stroke. Having dealt with someone with these exact same symptoms for years, the signs are quite clear. Donald Trump has massive mental dysfunction. He needs to be removed from office and moved into somewhere that can actually help him and his medical condition.

You do realize it would only ever be given to someone who medical professionals believe are in an extreme state of cognitive distress, don’t you? Someone who is displaying substantial signs of dementia or cognitive impairment. Do you even begin to wonder why Presidential medical professionals felt it was urgent enough to administer this test with Donald Trump?

At about 15 minutes he lost the zest he mustered for the initial monologue.

He struggled for the last 15 minutes and tapped out.

Trump needs 30 minutes to warm up.

Anyone who watched the event would not vote for him. He looked frail and uncertain…I am being kind with this assessment.

Cognitive assessments are generally administered to those who have reached a certain age. It’s basically the equivalent of a school speech-language therapist doing screenings for all students in, let’s say, the 1st grade.

Obsolutely… some serious BDS.

Completely false. I take it you are not an…ahem…seasoned individual. Nor have you ever dealt with someone close in your life who is in their latter years of life. Nor anyone who has actually suffered from sort of incident that would require a cognitive test to be administered. The MCA is absolutely NOT administered as an age based cognitive evaluation.

Trump also took the MoCA test in 2018, after which the president’s doctor said he got 100 per cent, calling the president “very sharp.”

Nasreddine said it makes sense that Trump was recently advised to take the test again, given his age.

“We know that, after 70, that cognitive disorders become more and more prevalent, so I think because the candidates are in their 70s, including Biden and Mr. Trump, it is pertinent to do the test because one in four people – 25 per cent – will usually have cognitive impairment or dementia,” Nasreddine said.

Biden also stated the last 2020 census was two years ago.

And is happening soon.

This is the guy who also said that fdr went on television to address the nation when the stock market crashed in 1929.

He’s a blithering idiot.

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Ah, that classic gaffe from 2008. Memories…

Remember the time he said that our military took over the airports during the Revolutionary War? What a dope!