Applying liberal fact checking to Biden's press conference

Biden started his news conference by forgetting where he was. After pausing for several seconds he realized his mistake and said his confusion was a joke. Was that really a joke or was he fibbing?

Later Biden talked about Trump walking to the Episcopal Church across from the White House “to hold the bible upside-down”.

A photo of Trump with the bible clearly shows it was right-side up:

According to liberal fact-checking standards, Biden clearly stated a lie. My view is Biden’s mental condition effectively makes it impossible for him to willingly lie.

Is Biden really a liar? Or is he just incompetent/confused?

The confusion about where he is appears only a few seconds into the video below. See 40:40 for the bible upside-down quote:

Joe wasn’t being serious. Can’t you tell when someone is being sarcastic? Trump uses sarcasm all the time but nobody ever is confused by the things he says.

(Not a poe: sarcasm)

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Confusion / dementia is not a problem?

Let give him the “Very Hard” dementia test Trump keep bragging about.

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So he intentionally stated he was in the wrong location and then paused for several seconds?

And he really believed that was a joke?

Person, woman, man, camera, TV


Sarcasm can be hard for some people to spot. Not me.

(Not a poe: sarcasm)

Here’s the thing - give me 2 elderly candidates within 5 years of each other in age, both with declining mental facilities, and I’ll still pick them on the differentiation, which in this case means I’ll vote for the guy that isn’t going around looking for ways to insult people all the time.


At least Joe isn’t openly racist.

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He has a really sharp mind! Which is why they love to send him out every day to answer all of those tough questions. :joy:

BTW. Somebody who screws up as much as he does, should not be making jokes that can be mistaken for more screw ups. Just sayin.

Are you saying that someone in an advanced stage of dementia would be able to pass the Montreal Cognitive Assessment, yes or no?

He also said Jacksonville is the capital of Florida.

And he was talking about something called a “crimate clisis”. Never heard of that one.

hmm that or the guy who think people being mean on twitter is illegal.


Go tell it to a canadian who cares.

Looks like he’s blind now too or the dementia is advanced enough to need physical assistance

Maybe someone should ask him? If questions were allowed?

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Watch the video. He clearly is needing help.

Questions are allowed. He has a list of who the questions were given to and everything.

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I am sure that there are a lot of other things I missed.

Remember when Democrats were salivating over removing Trump using the 25th Amendment? They could remove Biden from consideration with just a vote at their convention.

He really needs to be an elder statesman who can reminisce about his Democratic segregationist colleagues from years gone by.

Don’t worry too much about gropey joe.

Trump in a massive landslide.