Appeals court weighs constitutionality of excluding women from the draft

A three Judge Panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit heard oral arguments today in National Coalition for Men v Selective Service. The panel consisted of United States Circuit Judges Don Willett and Carl Stewart and Senior United States Circuit Judge Jacques Wiener.

It has been more than a year since the District Court ruled on this case in favor of the National Coalition for Men.

Attorneys for the National Coalition for Men seemed to think that oral arguments went well.

The panel is unlikely to release a decision prior to March 25, which would satisfy objections by the government, who wants any decision held until the release of a report due out that day.

The federal government continues to argue that the court should wait to make a decision until the results of the National Commission on Military National and Public Service study are released, expected March 25.

The commission has spent nearly three years studying the Selective Service System and weighing all options for youth volunteerism and national service in America, to include the military services, AmeriCorps, the Peace Corps and other federal opportunities.


Selective service needs to either be done away with entirely, or required of all.

I dont see why they shouldnt