AOC proposes welfare for illegals and nationwide rent control

Do you support her proposals? I think her ideas are dumb and unjust.

AOC pushes national rent control, welfare for illegal immigrants in latest massive proposal

No, she’s nuts. She’s trying to buy as many votes as possible for democrats proposing freebies to everyone she can think of other than conservatives and republicans with money that simply doesn’t exist.


Are conservatives above being bought?

I can’t speak for all of us but I certainly am.

No. How much you got?

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They all pitch their freebies. You think it’s only Democrats that only use the social systems. Or farmers who take all of the subsidies or even ethanol in general. Only reason corn ethanol is so big is Iowa votes first

Seems fitting; a “Just Society” created by “Justice Democrats”.

After the old lady and the kids finish going through my pockets not much left.

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Then stop talking about buying conservatives.

No, freebies are given simply because you are breathing and present in the US.

If you want to bitch about the farm program that is bipartisan on both ends.

If you can get enough support to do away with it be my guest but you will not like the results.

Are those farmers citizens?

You dont need money for that. Just a little hate speech, throw in some conspiracy theories add a touch of victimization. Boom you got yourself a fan base

Are you better?

Do you ever answer the question in the OP?

Something is missing here.

Ha ha. Me too.

What is missing?

I didn’t, my apologies Patrick.

No, I don’t support either one.

Read it slowly one word at a time again and fill in the blank.


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