AOC on Joe Biden

For over three weeks the media has buried the Biden sexual assault story. Finally AOC speaks up. She’s still being a pain in the ass to the DNC

she “really resent[s] the fact that the other choice [besides Donald Trump] is someone who has a really long history of being creepy to women,”

Joe Bye-den. :sunglasses:

He’s a hot mess, getting messier.

She’s been all over the place recently as has the rest of the squad.

I really dont understand why she doesnt like Joe…I mean she was getting a back rub and a sniff.

Maybe she’ll vote for Trump.

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So now Trump supporters agree with AOC? Make up your minds! :rofl:

She said something bad about Biden, so they can come out of the closets about the fact that they secretly have a crush on her.

I think she has beautiful brown eyes. The problem is there is absolutely nothing behind those eyes.

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I haver made up my mind. What Trump supporters do is none of your business. Right?

I have a crush an anybody who trash talks Biden. And, she probably does look pretty good in a bikini.

Where do you see anyone agreeing with AOC?

They’re both New Yorkers, they both enjoy redistributing taxpayer money and fighting with the media, and they share a common disdain for Joe Biden. Sounds like a match made in heaven, but she’s too old to be Trump’s fourth wife.

Seems like a few folks are getting into a tizzy about a alleged sexual assault while at the same time not giving a damn about a guy who outright admitted to doing it.

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You’re right. Kavanagh shouldn’t have even been questioned, right? It’s only allegations.

Kavanagh should have called The NY Times and had them change their article about the allegations like Biden.


I’m kidding obviously. They wouldn’t do that for anyone on the right.


Whose rapier?

  • Common question in a locker room in a fencing gym

Who’s rapier?

  • Common question American voters will ask themselves this November

Trump proved that this kind of stuff simply doesnt matter.

He likes Aryan chicks.

Yeah he does!