Anyone want to be a cop in NYC?

From the link:

“I keep in contact with the guys that I was in the police academy with and we all have the same notion,” an officer said to the NY Post.

“I think maybe 95 percent of us are planning on leaving,” he added.

A second officer said, “We’ve been working an average of about 13 to 14 hours a day with a lot of the protests happening in the city.”

“Enough is enough,” he declared.

Honestly. Besides being too old for that falderal. I don’t even want to visit NYC.


Looks like the NYPD is being mismanaged on a massive scale. A city with a population density that NYC has needs an effective police force.

The city is just doing what pretty much all “organizations” and “businesses” do when faced with a financial crunch, cut the workforce and ask those left to do more with less.

Has the Mayor cut back on his office expenses? Is the city reducing the glut of middle management that I bet they have that do nothing productive. Not all middle management is useless but I bet there are those who get paid a lot and lnow they are contributing very little.

I know police forces attract a lot of wankers but they attract more people who want to do a good job and serve their community.

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It would be a cold day in Hades when I work 13-14 hour days. They must be mandated to work overtime. That was one of the many reasons I went back to tolls from road maintenance. They mandated snow OT. In tolls I just tell them, don’t even ask me.


Wait, your username is literal?


That’s awesome man.

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What’s the problem, did the Mayor finally fire Frank Reagan? :wink:

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Look at the bright side libs; if 95% of the cops quit, you’ve “defunded the police”. Then all is good and will fix so many racist problems just like your leader AOC and BLM said it would.

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Yes. I am a toll collector for the New Jersey Turnpike. Last night I got 78 vehicles in my 8 hour shift.

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